United Airlines Flight Forced To Divert After Passenger Smears Poop All Over Bathroom, Tries To Clog Toilet

A United Airlines flight was forced to divert this week after a passenger made a mess in the bathroom, reportedly smearing poop all over the walls and then trying to clog the toilet with his shirt.

The disgusting incident took place on a flight from Chicago to Hong Kong, which was forced to divert to Anchorage after flight attendants discovered the mess, the New York Post reported. The man had also tried to shove his shirt into the toilet in what appeared to be an attempt to clog it, KTVA reported.

The passenger was met by FBI agents when the flight touched down at Ted Stevens International Airport. By then the man had cooled off and was reportedly cooperating with flight attendants. The plane itself was grounded as it was cleaned out, and passengers were diverted to another flight.

This is not the first time that a messy bathroom incident forced a flight to divert. In 2015, a British Airways flight headed to Dubai was forced to return back to Britain after someone left a poop that smelled so badly that it was deemed a health hazard. As the Mirror reported, the pilot summoned the plane’s crew and decided that the flight had to be grounded due to what the pilot said was “liquid fecal excrement.” The pilot stressed that there was no mechanical malfunction with the airplane.

Some passengers complained about the plane’s grounding, noting that they had to wait 15 hours before another flight. Passengers who had an even longer wait were given hotel accommodations by the airline, which also apologized for the incident.

In another well-publicized incident, residents of an Indian neighborhood claimed that they were the victims of airplanes dumping their poop on them while in mid-air. Residents claimed that the flying fecal matter was aiming at their homes. As Fox News reported, one woman in the Delhi neighborhood was struck by a football-sized piece of blue ice from the plane’s bathroom compartment.

The man who smeared poop on the airplane bathroom this week was taken to a nearby hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. It was not clear if he would face charges.

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