Netflix Movies: Overlooked Horror Films From 2017 — ‘The Vault,’ ‘Ghost House,’ And ‘Residue’

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If you’re looking for Netflix movies that go bump in the night, there are three horror films from 2017 currently available on the streaming site. Netflix has a handful of horror movies from 2017, but with a litany of major titles — films like Cult of Chucky, Gerald’s Game, and The Babysitter — there are a few that may have flown under the radar for some subscribers. The horror movies listed below are all tales of the supernatural, but each tells a very different story.

The Vault

Two sisters, Vee (Taryn Manning) and Leah (Francesca Eastwood), rob a bank to help their brother. When the bank manager, Ed (James Franco), informs the gang that the big money is in a vault in the basement, the robbers find a whole lot more than they hoped for.

This is a unique movie as it works both as a horror film and as a heist flick. The first part of the movie is a thrill-ride as we watch the robbery unfold. The setup of the heist is done in a clever manner, and Netflix viewers may forget that they’re watching a horror movie. But it doesn’t take long for our characters to go into the basement, and ghostly horror ensues.

Co-written with Conal Byrne, Dan Bush co-wrote and directed this Netflix feature. There are dozens of horror movies from 2017 centered on otherworldly spirits, and many of them have a similar storyline, but Bush and Byrne successfully created an original ghost story that stands apart from the others. And as one would expect, given the star power of the film, the cast delivers. If you’re looking for a horror film on Netflix that also provides edge-of-your-seat action, then you will want to check out this 2017 gem.

Ghost House

An American couple (portrayed by Scout Taylor-Compton and James Landry Hebert) take a holiday in Thailand, and after they visit the ghost houses of Bangkok, the couple are haunted by an evil spirit.

You’ll find the usual jump-scare tropes in Ghost House, but they work well. The film is filled with chilling imagery that is both visually stunning and, at times, very creepy. Horror fans should enjoy seeing Scout Taylor-Compton (Halloween, Wicked Little Things) in another genre feature, and with her knack for portraying fear very realistically, Netflix viewers should have no problem rooting for her character.

If you haven’t seen the mainstream supernatural movies of 2017, like IT and Annabelle: Creation, then you may want to check those out first. But if you’re an avid horror fan perusing Netflix for something new to watch, then Ghost House should do the trick. Though many horror movies have told a similar story, the sharp cinematography of the film keeps the film feeling fresh.

best horror movies 2017 are streaming on Netflix movies
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With a sharp script, an entertaining story, and solid performances from the cast, many consider this to be one of the most underrated horror films of 2017. Though it may not do too much to entice real fear, the film does a great job of delivering a unique story in a very entertaining manner. With characters that range from professional wrestlers, a private detective, and a headless man who can still talk, it will be hard for Netflix viewers to find themselves bored during this film. Rotten Tomatoes provides the premise for one of the most unique movies on Netflix.

“Private investigator Luke Harding (James Clayton) reads a book of sinister origins owned by seedy crime lord Mr. Fairweather (Matt Frewer). Unbeknownst to Luke, the book is a much sought-after supernatural artifact and Fairweather’s greatest rival, the enigmatic Mr. Lamont (William B. Davis), pursues Luke with his henchmen (Costas Mandylor, Michael Matic). While the criminal underworld is desperate to retrieve the book and harness its power for their own dark agendas, it’s evil begins to take root in Luke’s apartment; putting himself, his daughter (Taylor Hickson) and his secret love (Elysia Rotaru) in a fight for their lives… and their eternal souls.”

best horror movies 2017 are streaming on Netflix movies
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From a private investigator who holds an evil book of power to a genre-bending ghost story, some of the best Netflix movies are overlooked horror films of 2017.