Is Trump Fit For Office? 100 Percent Of Trump’s Acquaintances Questioned This When Interviewed, Claims Author

Manuel Balce CenetaAP Images

An extraordinary claim was made by the author of the new book, Fire and Fury, which has left many jaws dropped in its wake. Michael Wolff, who penned the book, claims that 100 percent of the people around Trump who he interviewed actually “questioned his intelligence and fitness for office.” These were people who are affiliated with Trump personally and they include his family members along with his White House aides, claims Wolff. Those Wolff claimed to have interviewed are said to know Trump personally and who allegedly had concerns about his abilities to run the country, according to AOL News.

The book has sold out almost everywhere, as Chris Wallace reported during Fox News on Friday afternoon. There wasn’t a copy anywhere near their NYC location so they sent Fox staff to Fairfax, Virgina, to pick up a few copies in a bookstore that had a few books left. It was reported on that show that this was a long way to go to pick up those books, but they wanted them to get ready for a Sunday show.

The book, which was not due in stores until Tuesday, went on sale just after midnight last night with popular bookstores reporting their stock of the book was depleted within 30 minutes. This is despite the cease and desist orders coming from Trump’s lawyers. A move that reportedly backfired as it prompted the publishers to release the book four days earlier than planned, suggests AOL News.

The author of the book, Michael Wolff, said today that Trump is actually helping him sell books and he wants to know where to send the chocolates. Trump has lashed out at the author as has his White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who didn’t mix words conveying how the book is riddled with lies. She also called it “trash,” according to Politico News.


Huckabee Sanders conveyed how this author has made up stories in order to sell books. He also made it sound as if he had access to the White House like he was sitting outside the Oval Office, Huckabee Sanders said. This was just not the case, she conveyed that Wolff was continually denied access to the President and he wasn’t someone sashaying around the White House talking to people as he pleased.

Wolfe discussed the book with Today Show’s Savannah Guthrie on Friday and when he was asked what else people around Trump are saying about him. He said, “They all say that he is like a child.” He elaborated on this by what Trump acting like a child looked like. He said Trump is seen as a man in need of “immediate gratification.” He also said, “It’s all about him.”


Wolff reiterated that 100 percent of the people he talked to, all of whom are around Trump, questioned if he was fit to be president. He made a point to make his claim very clear — that everyone he talked within Trump’s circle questioned whether Trump was fit or not to hold the top office of the land. This included “every single person” around Trump, like his senior advisors and family members, according to what he said on the Today Show, which is reported by AOL News.

AOL News reports on Wolff’s reputation which includes a tendency to stretch the facts and “creating, rather than recreating, scenes in his writing.” Some of the more outrageous claims made in this book have people scratching their heads.


Wolff himself said the book was compiled from over 200 interviews and months of research. He claims he has notes and tape recordings from these interviews where everyone wants to remain anonymous. Fox News questioned that 100 percent stat claimed by Wolff.

It almost seems impossible that out of all those people interviewed, not one said Trump is fine for the office. 100 percent is hard to achieve unless you are only talking to two or three like-minded people. Wolff did say he conducted 200 interviews, but he didn’t tie that 200 number into his report on Trump’s ability being questioned.