Looking To Read ‘Fire And Fury’ Online? Pirated PDF Versions Of Trump Tell-All Book Show Up As Demand Rises

Are you looking to read Fire and Fury online? Then you are not alone.

As demand for the Donald Trump tell-all reached increased dramatically, pirated versions of the book have started to circulate after the book’s surprise release on Friday.

The book by journalist Michael Wolff, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, was written after spending several months embedded in the White House, interviewing members of the Trump administration and observing the chaos that took place. As excerpts from the book began to be released this week — showing Donald Trump scheming to sleep with the wives of his friends and nearly everyone in Trump’s inner circle referring to him as an idiot — demand grew quickly and the White House blowback was immediate.

This week, the White House issued a cease and desist order to the book’s publisher, claiming that it was defamatory, the Hollywood Reporter noted. But the publisher responded by moving up the release date, allowing bookstores to begin selling it on Friday.

In the meantime, there have been PDF copies of Fire and Fury showing up online. A number of sites are hosting the book, which seems to have been uploaded from its early release. The file-sharing site The Pirate Bay listed several copies, for example.

These pirated versions may be the only way some people can read the Donald Trump tell-all book. As Newsweek noted, the book had sold out both in bookstores and with online retailers like Amazon, with an unclear wait until they will be available again. The report noted that in Washington, D.C., people even lined up outside bookstores to snatch up the book as soon as it went on sale at midnight, drawing some comparisons to the Harry Potter book series.

The book’s interest is in large part due to the tabloid nature of the revelations. While it contains a number of previously unreported revelations about Trump’s policy agenda, it also has personal details like the apparently unraveling relationship between Donald and Melania Trump.

It was not clear if the PDF versions of Fire and Fury showing up online reflected the final copy. In past instances, versions of books or movie scripts uploaded to file-sharing sites have been earlier versions, minus some of the final editing.

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