ViewSonic VPD400 MovieBook Now Available With Entry Level Pricing

Viewsonic has officially announced the release of the Viewsonic VPD400 MovieBook, an entry level multimedia player with a 4.3 inch display at 800x 480 pixels of resolution and a relatively cheap $129.99 price tag.

The VPD400 also features 8GB of internal memory and a microSDHC card slot that can add up to 16GB of additional space for movie fans requiring more space for their larger movie files.

The MovieBook supported 720P HD playback and comes equipped with an AV out port, although HDMI is sadly missing, which is a real shame on any device that supports 720P or higher playback. It also promises 12 hours of audio playback, 6 hours of standard video and 3 hours in HD mode.

The units are now shipping in black, white and pink options at various retailers.

Also, don’t expect any type of connectivity with the device such as WiFi or Bluetooth, but with a microSD card slot adding files is still relatively easy and at $129.99 I really can’t complain too much. [ViewSonic]