WWE Officials Have Given Up On Major WWE Superstar’s Push Indefinitely


Getting over with the WWE Universe is a difficult thing to do as a performer, but staying over is the biggest challenge for a WWE Superstar. With NXT becoming the third brand for WWE, many stars have been able to establish themselves with the WWE Universe before moving to Raw or SmackDown Live. However, that has proven to be a huge problem for some performers who have come in with extremely high expectations.

For instance, Bayley had one of the best runs during her time with NXT. She made wrestling history as one of “The Four Horsewomen” and became one of the biggest babyfaces in the industry. Unfortunately, Bayley has yet to find the same success since her move to the main roster. She debuted with the fans firmly behind her. She also left WrestleMania 33 as the Raw Women’s Champion, but her fun gimmick has become stale.

Over the year, Bayley’s stock has continued to drop and it’s impacted her popularity with the fans. It’s being reported that WWE officials have officially given up on her push for the foreseeable future. The logic is that if Bayley is being booked to put over Mickie James, who was specifically brought back to help young talent, that tells the fans everything they need to know about what Bayley’s WWE future looks like at the moment.

Bayley is Getting the Daniel Bryan Push From a Few Years Back
'There is a lot of speculation that Bayley's gimmick has run its course.'Featured image credit: WWE

Recently, there has been some speculation about Bayley changing her gimmick sooner rather than later and has admitted that her character needs to evolve. With the Women’s ‘Royal Rumble’ Match coming soon, it’s unlikely that Bayley will win the historic bout. However, she needs to make a bigger impact before heading into WrestleMania season, but it could be too late with WWE officials focusing on other stars for the show.

There are rumors about Bayley being part of the “Battle of the Horsewomen” at WrestleMania 34 this year, but that match hasn’t been confirmed yet. The short-term doesn’t look good for Bayley, but a lot can change for her in the future. A gimmick change or heel turn could help her, or the WWE Universe could get behind her again with the right angle. You can never say never because a lot can happen between now and never.