Jill Duggar And Derick Dillard Named ‘Worst Celebrity Couple,’ But Are They Really That Bad?

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard have been named “Worst Celebrity Couple” by a popular mommy blog, which may not come as a surprise considering the controversy and hate the couple seems to generate.

Parenting blog Mommyish has crunched the numbers, so to speak, and determined that the Dillard’s deserve the “coveted” title. Considering the couple’s (well, mostly Derick’s) inability to avoid controversy, his shaky understanding of the words “gainful employment,” and the couple’s well-documented parenting fails, it’s easy to see why.

A Grown Man Bullies A Teenage Girl

Derick, like the rest of the Duggar family or those who marry into it, subscribes to a brand of evangelical, Protestant Christianity that has some beliefs about sexuality, and homosexuality (and gender nonconformity) specifically, that aren’t exactly tolerant. The majority of the Duggars tend to keep those views to themselves (or at least, away from the TLC cameras and social media).

Not so Derick Dillard. He not only believes that there is no such thing as being transgender, he chose to use a teenage girl as a focal point for his ire. Speaking of fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings, who was born biologically male but who identifies as female, Derick called gender nonconformity a “myth.”

Derick then repeatedly referred to Jazz as “him,” which is an insult considering that Jazz identifies as female.

TLC fired Derick not long after the tweets.

Derick’s Failure To Understand The Word “Job”

Without those checks from TLC, the Dillards find themselves in need of a new source of income. And as the Hollywood Gossip reported at the time, Derick, rather than get a job, decided to ask fans for money.

Derick couched his request for money under the guise of needing it for “mission work.” And while the couple had done missionary work in Central America, they did so without the authorization or approval from the denomination they attend.

Fans took the request for “mission work” donations as begging for money, and a few days later, Derick announced that he would no longer be asking fans for cash. What’s more, as the Hollywood Gossip reported in a follow-up report in October, Derick appeared at the time to have still been unemployed.

Public Parenting Fails

If Derick seems to share the majority of the blame for his and Jill’s title of Worst Celebrity couple, don’t count out Jill just yet. She, too, shares at least some of the blame. Specifically, when it comes to the couple’s well-documented series of parenting failures.

There was the time, for example, that she took her sons outside on a bright and sunny day used a tortilla shell to shade Samuel. There was the time she bundled up Samuel so tightly that some fans thought it was borderline child abuse. Then there was that time they left Samuel on the floor while the adults ate.

And, of course, those parenting “fails” (more like rookie mistakes, but when you’re in the public eye you can’t even so much as make a minor lapse in judgment without the internet jumping all over you for it) were shared publicly on social media.

According to an earlier report by the Inquisitr, Jill’s sisters and their families will return for a new season of Counting On beginning February 26.

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