‘Counting On’ Return Date Announced: Duggar Family Blog Announces Date Of New Season On Their Blog

The Counting On return date has been revealed! After months of behind-the-scenes drama and speculation that the popular TLC show might not return at all, the Duggar Family revealed on their official blog that the show is returning – and provided the date!

As InTouchWeekly reported, the news of the supposed return date comes from the Original Duggar Family Fan Blog, which is run by “personal friends of the family” Lily and Ellie.

“This just in… Following the exciting announcement of Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo’s pregnancy, the Duggar family has another tidbit of news to reveal. New episodes of Counting On return to TLC Monday, Feb. 26!”

At this point it bears noting that fan blogs aren’t a rock-solid source when it comes to things like this. The most reliable source for information about the goings-on within a TLC show would be, well, the TLC Network. And as of this writing, their page devoted to the show mentions nothing about a new season. Nevertheless, with February 26 just weeks away, TLC will almost certainly begin advertising the new season of Counting On just about any minute now. Stay tuned, as they say.

Oddly enough, rumors of the show’s return for a seventh season come at a time when many in the reality-TV industry weren’t sure the show would be coming back at all.

Just a few weeks ago, as reported by The Inquisitr, the Duggar Family themselves issued a statement saying that they had heard no word on whether or not Counting On would be returning. Considering the timing of this week’s announcement of a return date, something seems amiss. TV production takes a long time, and months or even years can pass between when cameras film a scene and when viewers see it on their TVs. That would suggest that TLC camera crews had been amongst the Duggars and their extended family since the end of Season 6 and now, so how could anyone think that the show wasn’t returning?

Nevertheless, some observers were concerned that Counting On might not return at all. Wherever the Duggar family goes, it seems, controversy seems to follow. The latest concerns Jill Duggar and her husband, Derick Dillard. Derick, it seems, likes to use social media to post messages that some consider hate speech, and one particular target of his ire is a teenage girl, Jazz Jennings. Derick has repeatedly criticized the transgender teen, who is also a TLC star, on social media, and the network got sick of it and fired him a few months ago. That led to speculation that Counting On itself was in danger.

However, with today’s announcement, it seems that rumors of Counting On‘s death are greatly exaggerated.

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