Justin Bieber Claims Ownership Of Pictures People Take Of HIm

Seriously Justin Bieber? The teen heartthrob is allegedly attempting to take control of any pictures taken of his celebrity by fans.

To contain and control the singers “hidden” lifestyle his handlers have begun posting signs at Bieber’s various public appearances. The signs essentially state that any pictures taken of Bieber are the sole property of the singer.

The signs are most commonly placed in areas where Justin Bieber is known to be partying, a definite sign that his handlers have grown increasingly worried about his newly emerging “bad boy” image.

It is unclear how long Justin Bieber has been using “no photographs” signs, although people at the Newport Beach Hotel room last week where Bieber was caught smoking a blunt claim there was no sign, at least not where anyone could see it.

Bieber doesn’t just rely on signs to ensure his privacy, apparently his handlers are suppose to “manage” private situations but they failed to properly secure his privacy during the marijuana incident.

Of course there are many situations that Bieber can’t claim ownership of his privacy, for example his recent run-ins with police as he traveled in his Ferrari or his attack against a paparazzi who Bieber claims was following to closely to his sports car on the highway.

Do you think Justin Bieber would have any legal grounds in claiming photos taken of his actions?