Alex Trebek Takes Medical Leave From ‘Jeopardy,’ As He Recovers From Brain Surgery

Emma McIntyre Getty Images

It turns out that Alex Trebek is taking a break from his hit show Jeopardy!. TMZ shared the details about what happened to Alex and why he won’t be on the show for a while. A few months ago Alex had a pretty bad fall and because of it, he ended up having brain surgery. Now he is going to be taking some time off from the game show to recuperate.

Alex Trebek made it sound like it wasn’t a big deal at all, but he suffered a subdural hematoma when he fell. They ended up finding out that he had blood clots in his brain and due to this, Trebek had to have surgery. The surgery had already been done before he announced it. Alex spent two days in the hospital before coming home.

Of course, the fans are worried about Alex Trebek, but it sounds like there is nothing to be concerned about. In the video, he looked great for someone who had just had surgery done. This, of course, had to make everyone feel better about the way that he was doing and not feel that much concerned.

The fans can’t imagine Jeopardy! without Alex Trebek. Deadline shared a few more details about how this will all go down. The show is now in the 36th season and it doesn’t look like it is going anywhere. They actually film the show way in advance, so they have plenty of episodes of Jeopardy! for Alex to take a break. He could be back as soon as mid-January and work again. You won’t really notice him being gone besides one small change that has to happen. The upcoming College Championship, which was supposed to tape now, will film in March and air in April. That will be the only big difference in the Jeopardy! schedule.


The fans of Jeopardy! can’t wait for Alex Trebek to return to the show. Hopefully, everything goes as planned and he will be back in just a few short weeks. If not, they might have to take a break from the show for a bit or find someone to fill in and nobody can do Alex’s job like he can do it.