Meghan Markle Is Not Getting A Royal Makeover From Queen Elizabeth Under Threat Of Banishment

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s future wife, is getting a royal makeover courtesy of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. That’s the claim being made in an article in The National Enquirer. But Gossip Cop, a website known for debunking celebrity rumors says that the story is nothing but fake news.

“Her Majesty says Meghan needs to forget her free-wheeling Hollywood ways and get some royal class,” an alleged royal insider told The National Enquirer as reported by Gossip Cop. The “source” went on to say that the Queen wants the former Suits actress to fire her glam squad. The reported insider also claimed that Queen Elizabeth has threatened to banish Markle if she does not agree to the new rules.

But Gossip Cop looked into the claim and found that it had no basis in truth. According to the celebrity news watchdog, Meghan Markle fired her Hollywood team when she quit acting. She no longer has a Hollywood publicist, manager or agent. Her schedule is now managed by the folks at Kensington Palace.

In reality, Markle seems to be getting along well with her future husband’s grandmother. In their engagement announcement interview, Meghan and Prince Harry revealed that she had met the Queen and Prince Harry said that Markle is even on good terms with the British regent’s corgis.

She has also been learning the ins and outs of royal protocol. As Hello Magazine reports, Markle remembered to curtsy to the Queen when The Royal Family attended Christmas church service at Sandringham. While various news outlets argued over whether Meghan’s royal curtsy was well-executed, the fact that she remembered to do it means that she’s been studying royal cultural norms.

The National Enquirer is not known as a reliable source of information on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle or any other celebrity for that matter. Gossip Cop also debunked one of their articles where they claimed that Meghan’s personal history was being purged by British intelligence agency MI5. The National Enquirer claimed that Markle had a wild “party girl” past that needed to be expunged before she officially became a member of The British Royal Family. The Enquirer claimed that the name of the alleged push to erase the former actress’s past was called “Operation Clean Sweep.” But, as Gossip Cop notes, the notoriously rabid British tabloid press did not pick up on this story because it was false.

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