Mackenzie McKee Updates Fans On Her Mother’s Battle With Brain Cancer, Reveals She Has Five Inoperable Tumors


Mackenzie McKee’s mother, Angie Douthit, has been diagnosed with stage four brain cancer, and during a new interview, the Teen Mom 3 star has revealed devastating details about her health crisis.

After first confirming Douthit’s cancer diagnosis on Twitter and Instagram on January 3, Mackenzie McKee spoke to Radar Online and revealed that her mother’s doctors suspect that Douthit’s brain cancer actually began as a rare form of lung cancer, which has made its way to Douthit’s brain.

“She’s getting a biopsy today at noon on her lung,” Mackenzie Mckee revealed to Radar Online on January 4. “They want to make sure it isn’t lymphoma or melanoma.”

Angie Douthit is also scheduled to undergo a bone scan. Then, if the former reality star is feeling up to it, she will be allowed to return home to her family for the weekend. After that, Mackenzie Douthit’s mother is expected to undergo regular scans every three months to make sure her cancer isn’t getting worse.

Although Mackenzie McKee revealed that her mother’s brain masses are inoperable, she said that Angie Douthit is expected to undergo radiation in an effort to reduce the sizes of the tumors. As she explained, doctors initially believed there were just three masses on Douthit’s brain, but upon further analysis, there are actually five masses and doctors are simply unable to remove it all.

According to Radar Online, there are five masses on Angie Douthit’s brain, the largest of which measure in at 2.7cm, 15mm, 2.5cm, and 1cm. There is also a 7cm mass on Douthit’s lung.

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In the above Instagram post to her fans and followers, Mackenzie Mckee requested her online audience send prayers for her mother as she begins what is sure to be a trying health battle. The former reality star also told her fans that Angie Douthit is the most amazing woman she knows and noted that her mother has taught her everything she knows.

Mackenzie McKee went on to say that she is the woman she is today because of her mother and said she was understandably devastated and angry about her mother’s cancer diagnosis.

After learning of Angie Douthit’s brain cancer diagnosis, Mackenzie McKee and her family set up a GoFundMe page requesting donations totaling $25,000. So far, the family has raised just $406.