Daughter Of Former Redskins Owner Arrested For Assaulting Lawyer After Hurling Anti-Semitic Slur

Jacqueline Kent Cooke, daughter of former Washington Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke, is following in her mother’s footsteps by making headlines for all of the wrong reasons. At an Upper East Side restaurant, Caravaggio, Cooke grew impatient on New Year’s Eve at the coat check and shouted at the elderly mother of San Fransico lawyer Matthew Haberkorn, yelling “Hurry up Jew!” Jacqueline Kent Cooke’s boyfriend then yelled to Haberkorn’s daughters “Happy Bat Mitzvah, girls!” When Haberkorn asked Redskins heir Jacqueline Kent Cooke to repeat what she said, she cracked him over the head with her glass mirrored purse, which is not in dispute as it was caught on tape.

Jacqueline Kent Cooke Arrested For Assaulting Lawyer With A Glass Purse

The videotape caught Jacqueline Kent Cooke attempting another swing and missing as she appears drunk, reports the Daily Mail. Matthew Haberkorn can be seen bleeding from his head after Cooke clocked him with a Lulu Guinness Chloe Mirrored Perspex Box Clutch, which is made of mirrored glass and retails for $300.

After the assault, Jacqueline Kent Cooke and her boyfriend ran away yelling “self-defense!” However, Jacqueline Kent Cooke didn’t know about the video at the time; when a Daily Mail reporter showed up at her home two days later, she denied any event had taken place at Caravaggio and claims she spent New Year’s Eve at home.

The Victim Pressed Charges Against Jacqueline Kent Cooke

San Fransisco lawyer Matthew Haberkorn talked to Page Six explaining that he called the police and had Jacqueline Kent Cooke (named by her mother for her then-estranged husband, Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke, who refused to see the child) arrested for assault.

Matthew Haberkorn explained what he saw and heard at the restaurant, where he was having dinner with his wife, daughters, and 77-year-old mother.

“I went to the bathroom as we were leaving. She made a comment to my mother, ‘Hurry up, you Jew,’ as she was getting her jacket.”

Haberkorn said that he asked Jacqueline Kent Cooke to repeat what she said and she hit him. For the record, Haberkorn’s mother is Jewish, but his wife and daughters are not.

“She clocks me on the head with her glass purse.”

The NYPD tracked Jacqueline Kent Cooke down and arrested her for criminal assault. Cooke is being held at the 19th Precinct pending her arraignment at Manhattan Criminal Court.

New York Assistant District Attorney Jorge Deossa told the New York Post that prosecutors were considering whether to charge Jacqueline Kent Cooke with a hate crime, considering that seemed to be the basis of her rage. Jacqueline Kent Cooke has secured a public defender to plead her case in the New York court.

However, this is not Jacqueline Kent Cooke’s first run-in with the police or first arrest for breaking the law, according to Deadspin, who wrote that Jacqueline Kent Cooke “has lots of moxie but little class” after she was arrested for DUI and threatening and mouthing off to officers in Boston in 2008.

Jacqueline Kent Cooke Has Been Arrested Before

According to Boston police, Jacqueline Kent Cooke was visibly drunk when she tried running out on a bill from a Boston restaurant. When confronted, Cooke returned to the restaurant to pay but was told by police to call a cab because she was intoxicated. Cooke refused and drove off when she was promptly pulled over. Jacqueline Kent Cooke asked the police if they knew who her father was, yelling at them that she would have their badges for pulling her over.

“$1 billion goes a long way.”

But Jacqueline Kent Cooke didn’t inherit $1 billion, and she receives $50,000 a year from the estate of her father, who didn’t meet her until she was 3-years-old. Jacqueline Kent Cooke has sued Jack Kent Cooke’s estate for additional funds. In their report, the police said that at the time of her arrest, Jacqueline Kent Cooke gave them the finger and flipped up her skirt to moon them.

Jacqueline Kent Cooke Was Exclusively Raised By Her Mother Who Faced Cocaine Charges

Jacqueline Kent Cooke was exclusively raised by her mother, Suzanne Martin, who was married to Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke for less than three months when she was in her 20s and he was 74, according to People. Martin had gotten pregnant, and Jack Kent Cooke agreed to marry her if she signed a prenup and aborted her first-trimester fetus (Martin admittedly had several abortions in the past). Martin agreed, got married, and then reneged on their legal agreement, prompting Jack Kent Cooke to file for divorce. Cooke also added that finding out about Martin’s arrests for cocaine use and distribution caused him concern.

When Martin gave birth, she called local television stations and the media to say that Jack Kent Cooke would not return her calls.

“When I gave birth, he didn’t send a flower or a card. Every child of an employee or a friend of his gets a little silver cup with the child’s name engraved on it, and he sends a cute letter. He never even called me or said, ‘Is the baby all right, is everything okay?'”

Milton Gould, a lawyer for Jack Kent Cooke, suggested that Suzanne Martin was no better than a prostitute.

“This is a conspiracy to try to use a little kid as a means of getting money. Well, we’re not going to abandon this child. She will get money, but the woman doesn’t deserve any…. There have been few courtesans in the history of the world that have been as well rewarded as this one.”

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