Porsche Mission E Specs Have Been Leaked, And It’s Definitely A Tesla Model S Killer

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The Tesla Model S is pretty much unrivaled in the performance luxury EV segment, both in sheer power and luxury. Many other EVs have appeared over the years, but so far, none have been successful in toppling Tesla’s flagship. Eventually, however, Porsche took notice, and now, it seems like the veteran carmaker is about to release what could very well be a solid Model S killer.

During the past few years, Porsche has teased its first serious foray into the mass market electric car market. Dubbed the Mission E, Porsche’s EV is a powerful, capable four-seater that is just as innovative as it is powerful. The Mission E’s concept iteration, which featured rear doors hinged at the back, were an immediate hit with the auto community, and the car’s sleek, futuristic appearance became a point of positive discussion among EV fans.

Until now, however, there have been very few details that have been released about the Mission E. So far, only rumors exist about the vehicle, with many speculations comparing the upcoming car with the Model S. Recently, however, Automobile contributor Georg Kacher was able to get some interesting pieces of information about the Tesla killer. Here then, are what could very well be the most important specs of the Porsche Mission E.

According to Kacher, the Mission E would be priced quite competitively with Tesla’s flagship saloon, with the upcoming EV starting at around $75,000 to $80,000. If anything, the price of the Mission E seems to be a direct challenge to Tesla’s Model S series, as the EV maker’s flagship line also starts at the same price range. It’s not just the price that Porsche is aggressive on, however, as the Mission E’s performance is also nothing to scoff at.

According to a Clean Technica report, three performance levels will be offered for the Mission E — an entry-level 400 kW variant, a midrange 500 kW version, and a top-tier 600 kW variant. Roughly translated to horsepower, the base model of the Mission E would boast 536 hp, the midrange version would feature 670 hp, and the top-of-the-line model would have a robust 804 hp.

Interestingly, the performance level of the base Mission E seems to be a direct challenge to the Tesla Model S 100D, which has 520 hp, while the top-tier version of the Porsche will compete with Tesla’s most powerful sedan, the Model S P100D, which boasts 762 hp.

One thing that Porsche did explicitly state, however, was that unlike the Tesla Model S P100D, the Mission E could be driven to its limits for an extended period of time. The Model S P100D, while insanely quick off the line, is also notorious for heating up its batteries too fast, ultimately limiting its performance in the long run. According to Porsche, however, the Mission E should be able to give its drivers a solid session on the Autobahn without compromising its battery or range.