‘Nashville’ Executive Producer Gives Spoilers For Sixth And Final Season

Rick DiamondGetty Images

It is almost time for the end of Nashville, and the fans are sad to see it go. ABC originally canceled the show, and CMT picked it up. TV Guide shared that Nashville executive producer Marshall Herskovitz is giving out a few spoilers. The fans are shocked to hear that this is the final season, but now, it all has to come to an end.

It turns out that when they started filming Season 6, they didn’t know it would be the last one. That makes it a lot harder to tie everything up the way that the fans want them to. They did think it was possible it would be the last, so that helped out a bit. The good news is that they found out before they were done filming, and this allowed the writers to change things up to give viewers the ending they wanted for the show.

They didn’t have a big master plan for how Nashville would end, but hopefully, the fans will be happy with how it all ends up happening. He won’t share spoilers about if Maddie and Juliette will make up after Juliette stole the song, but honestly, fans will probably be pretty unhappy if these two don’t mend things.

Deacon is a fan favorite, and Marshall Herskovitz made it very clear that he will have a great storyline this year. Deacon lost Rayna, and the fans never thought he would find happiness again, but there has been a glimmer of hope for that recently. Jesse is back again, but spoilers don’t reveal if they end up as more than friends. It also sounds like the viewers will get to see Deacon doing more performing on his own and not just being in the background. Also, if you are hoping for Connie Britton to show up once again, they aren’t saying that is going to happen.

For fans that are holding out hope that Nashville will be saved again, it doesn’t sound like that will be the case. CMT picked it up, and now, they are bringing it to an end, as well.

Don’t miss the new episodes of Nashville when it returns to CMT. The final season will premiere tonight on January 4, 2018, on CMT.