Book: Trump’s ‘Wife’ Ivanka ‘Will Bring Down The Father,’ Melania A ‘Nonpresence’ As Trump Forgets Old Friends

To say the palace intrigue inside President Donald Trump’s administration has increased as excerpts from Michael Wolff’s new book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, make the rounds online is an understatement. In the book, Wolff has alleged that Trump called Hope Hicks “a piece of tail,” as reported by the Inquisitr. Wolff’s book also details a ferocious game that Trump allegedly played to get friends’ wives into bed.

Then there were the allegations that Steve Bannon leaked from the White House and the passage that stated Melania Trump cried when Donald won the presidency. However, new excerpts go even further into the alleged goings-on behind White House walls when it comes to the president’s own daughter, Ivanka Trump. While Wolff details notions of a Madam President Ivanka Trump on the mind of the First Daughter, as reported by the Inquisitr, those visions of Ivanka’s fortune and fame rising could be at the expense of Donald.

As reported by the Hollywood Reporter, Wolff claims that Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, are Democrats who have ignored the advice of friends not to take jobs in the Trump administration. Instead, Ivanka and Jared have soared from a couple who moved mainly in the circles of the socialite set to a couple with royal family status inside a crumbling White House administration that is trying to save itself from destruction.

“By July, Jared and Ivanka, who had, in less than six months, traversed from socialite couple to royal family to the most powerful people in the world, were now engaged in a desperate dance to save themselves, which mostly involved blaming Trump himself. It was all his idea to fire Comey! ‘The daughter,’ Bannon declared, ‘will bring down the father.'”

Trump’s ‘wife’ Ivanka ‘ will bring down the father,’ Melania a ‘nonpresence’ as Trump forgets old friends.

Wolff paints Trump as a man who is losing his mind, even as Trump declared Bannon was the one who lost his mind. Michael wrote that everyone knows that Trump tends to repeat himself during conversations, with some half-hour talks featuring Trump saying the exact same thing three times. And if Hope Hicks was regarded more like Trump’s 29-year-old daughter, 36-year-old Ivanka has been viewed as Trump’s “real wife” while 47-year-old Melania has been called a “nonpresence” in Trump’s life at the time Wolff wrote his tome.

“With Melania a nonpresence, the staff referred to Ivanka as the ‘real wife’ and Hicks as the ‘real daughter.'”

Also troubling were the book’s assertions that Trump tried to “barricade himself into his bedroom with his own lock over the protests of the Secret Service” at the White House. Trump’s mental state is also challenged in Wolff’s book, with Trump unable to recognize old friends at Mar-a-Lago prior to the New Year. Whether or not Ivanka will be able to take over her father’s role someday remains to be seen.

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