‘Little People, Big World’: Rumors Spark That Jacob Roloff & Girlfriend Izzy Are Expecting Their First Child

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Little People, Big World fans sparked a rumor recently that the youngest member of the Roloff family, Jacob Roloff, 20, and his long-time girlfriend, Izzy, are expecting their first child together. The rumor was apparently started due to an Instagram post by Roloff family matriarch Amy Roloff reflecting on the past year and looking forward to the new year. In Touch Weekly wrote on Thursday that Jacob and Izzy were actually the ones who sparked the rumor, but Izzy was not spotted with a baby bump.

Several other online media outlets picked up the rumor that Jacob Roloff was allegedly expecting a child with Isabel Garreton Rock after Amy Roloff shared her New Year’s Day celebration message and photo on both Facebook and Instagram on Tuesday. The photo that Amy Roloff uploaded to go along with her lengthy happy New Year message to fans featured her youngest son, Jacob Roloff, and his girlfriend, Izzy. Jacob and Izzy have been dating for years after the couple met six years ago “on the school bus,” as shared by Izzy via a Facebook post in September.

Many rumors have swirled about Jacob Roloff since he quit the Roloff family’s long-running TLC reality series, Little People, Big World, completely for Season 9. Jacob tries to keep his followers updated on his life by posting mainly on his personal Instagram account, but he has never confirmed or denied any of the rumors that have circulated over the last few years. Even rumors about Jacob and Izzy’s relationship have gone unanswered, although fans speculated several times that the happy couple is married.

Recent Instagram posts by Jacob Roloff once again left his followers wondering if he is engaged to or already married to Izzy. The former Little People, Big World child star spent Christmas in Iceland with Izzy, and Jacob’s most recent Instagram post points out that he “cannot believe” he gets to spend his life with Izzy. Of course, fans immediately told him that it’s “time to propose” to Izzy if he hadn’t already. Fans wondered if Jacob and Izzy were honeymooning in Iceland or if Jacob used the trip to “pop the question.”

The recent report by In Touch Weekly also noted that Tori Roloff calls Isabel Rock her “sister” but added that neither Jacob nor Izzy had confirmed that “on their end.” Amy Roloff has also referred to Izzy on social media as her “daughter,” leading loyal Little People, Big World fans to comment back that they didn’t realize Jacob and Izzy had gotten married. Izzy is actually holding a newborn baby in Amy Roloff’s most recent #newyear2018 social media photo, and fans were quick to ask if Jacob was a dad already or “about to be a dad.”

However, Amy Roloff clarified that “good friends just had a baby,” but according to In Touch Weekly, something else that Amy said in her post on Tuesday led Little People, Big World fans to believe that Jacob and Izzy are expecting. Amy included the words “more beginnings” in her New Year’s Day post, which fans thought meant that Matt and Amy are going to be grandparents again in 2018. Fans told Amy that it was “great news” if she was going to be a grandma again while one fan expressed relief that Izzy was holding a “friend’s baby” and said that the thought of Amy’s baby having a baby “knocked” her out.

A report on the Hollywood Gossip wrote that it’s unclear how Little People, Big World fans managed to start the rumor that Jacob Roloff and Isabel Rock were expecting their first child, adding that “it should be noted” that Jacob and Izzy are “not even married.” The “better question,” noted the Hollywood Gossip, is whether “Jacob and Isabel are engaged.”

Pop Culture theorized that Izzy holding the baby in Amy Roloff’s New Year’s Day photo might have been a low-key way for Jacob and Izzy to reveal a pregnancy because even the Hollywood Gossip noted that Izzy could become pregnant with Jacob’s baby even if the young couple is not married.