Hoda Kotb To Quit Kathie Lee Gifford Gig, Sparking Staff Anxiety Over Wine-Sipping Hour Candidates [Rumors]

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Hoda Kotb soared to fame as Kathie Lee Gifford’s partner during their hour on NBC. Gifford and Kotb have earned a reputation for giggling during their gig as they sip wine and chat casually. But with Hoda’s promotion into the slot left empty after Matt Lauer was abruptly fired, rumors are soaring that Kotb plans to quit her hour with Kathie Lee. During her first day as the permanent Today co-host, Hoda caused shock waves when she threw shade at Gifford by announcing that Savannah Guthrie was her favorite on-air pal, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Although initially there were reports that Kotb would wait at least six months before giving up her time slot with Kathie Lee, an insider told Radar Online that the staff is anxious over who will replace Hoda. Employees reportedly are particularly worried that Gifford will insist on choosing Kotb’s replacement herself.

“Morning mayhem! Kathie Lee creates chaos with picks for Hoda’s replacement.”

With the staff supposedly aware of the situation, Gifford is busy deciding who she wants and who’s on the no-way list of rejections, according to the insider. As co-anchor of an hour on the Today show, Kathie Lee technically should play some sort of role in choosing her co-host.

NBC Employees Fear Kathie Lee Gifford Will Choose Wrong Replacement For Hoda Kotb

But employees at NBC News are reportedly in turmoil over the sex scandal that resulted in Matt Lauer’s departure. Secret discussions about Hoda leaving her gig with Gifford and Kathie Lee choosing the replacement have made the tension even worse, according to the insider.

“The biggest fear is that Kathie Lee will want to pick Hoda’s replacement.”

Apparently, the staff members don’t have much confidence in Gifford’s ability to choose a new co-host. There are rumors that Kathie Lee is already upset and angry that Kotb was chosen to replace Matt Lauer, and employees reportedly are concerned that Gifford’s allegedly volatile mood will result in a bad choice.

Hoda Kotb reportedly is going to quit her gig with Kathie Lee Gifford.
Hoda Kotb reportedly is going to quit her gig with Kathie Lee Gifford.Featured image credit: Sanford MyersInvision/AP Images

The hour that currently features Kathie Lee and Hoda revolves around their on-air chemistry. Regardless of what happens behind the scenes, Gifford and Kotb appear to be the best of friends on the air, adding to the charm of the show and helping ratings. But Kathie Lee reportedly has three possible candidates for Hoda’s replacement.

Top Three Candidates For Replacing Hoda Kotb: Problems With Andy Cohen

Gifford and Regis Philbin have been close friends for years, working together, as well as forming a friendship. Craig Ferguson also is thought to be a possible candidate as Hoda’s replacement. However, neither Regis nor Craig is thought to be a perfect choice. And that leaves a face familiar to Real Housewives fans.

Andy Cohen has reportedly already managed to get himself involved in conversations about a replacement for Hoda Kotb. But the insider slammed Cohen as an option.

“Ambitious Andy is already buzzing around, but they have zero chemistry together and he is annoying. A little Andy goes a long way.”

Cohen has extensive experience in hosting and co-hosting television shows. Andy also has experience interviewing celebrities from Watch What Happens Live, and he knows how to talk in impromptu situations as a result of his Real Housewives reunion shows.

But Cohen reportedly has one big strike against him. Kathie Lee “hates the housewives,” added the insider.

NBC Seeks Solution ASAP But Doesn’t Want Kathie Lee Gifford To Decide

Hoda reportedly is sensitive to the problems that would arise if she abandoned Gifford without a replacement. However, although Kotb will stay during the transition, NBC reportedly wants to choose the new person promptly. The pressure is on to find someone who has the same chemistry as Kathie Lee and Hoda.

“NBC is anxious to quickly find a replacement that can recreate the women’s winning onscreen synergy.”

Gifford has strong feelings about who she likes, and as in the case of the Real Housewives stars, hates. And although Kathie Lee is regarded as a “great talent,” the insider expressed concern about what could happen if Gifford gets to decide on her own.

“[Kathie Lee] shouldn’t be allowed to pick her co-host,” summed up the source. “She will pick a pal or someone she likes rather than the right talent.”