‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: JaSam’s Troubles And Franco’s Dark Past Could Lead To A Liason Reunion

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The return of Jason Morgan on ABC’s General Hospital has brought on all sorts of emotions so far. Sonny, Carly, and Michael are elated that he has returned, but Sam Morgan is all confused on how to feel at the moment. She has spent the past few weeks trying to convince Drew, and herself, that she does not want to be with Jason. This could have quite an impact eventually.

JaSam shared a romantic kiss on New Year’s Eve, but again Sam ended up pulling away from Jason and went back to Drew. How many times will Jason be rejected before he stops trying to win Sam back? He may already be giving up since he is convinced that Sam has made her choice now. Those two may eventually be together in the future, but Jason could possibly end up with someone else before that happens.

There have been rumors floating around that he and Elizabeth Webber could get back together. Now that would definitely cause a lot of ruckus among General Hospital fans if that should come true. Liz is currently paired with Franco and their relationship is going quite well. In fact, Friz has become a fan favorite couple now.

General Hospital spoilers coming from She Knows Soaps states that Jason will continue to be at odds over his son’s relationship with Franco. He and Liz are getting married soon and that means little Jake will officially become Franco’s stepson. They already have a special bond between them, but something sparks concern for Jason. He has already voiced his displeasure over Jake and Franco’s time together and now things will escalate with the upcoming Friz wedding.


More spoilers suggest that Franco’s past is going to continue to plague his mind and that will eventually interfere with his life with Elizabeth and her boys. He believes that he was the one who pushed Andrew down the stairs injuring him when they were kids. However, there have been hints that the whole story that Betsy told her son may not be completely true. While Franco is busy dealing with his dark past, Jason will want to make sure that Jake is protected.

Jason’s concern for his son will lead to more time with Elizabeth. The writers at General Hospital have not had these two together on screen much at all since his return to Port Charles. Jason has been pining away for Sam and Liz is building her life with Franco. There is a rich history between Jason and Liz, but she seems to be more team Drew these days. There is also the hatred that Jason has for Franco that keeps Liz from spending too much time him. That could all change soon though.


There are still a few fans out there who want to see a Liason reunion, despite the fact that Elizabeth is very happy with her current relationship with Franco. This is exactly what Franco fears the most. He is paranoid that his girl will end up going back with either Jason or Drew. His fears may just come true eventually.

Stay tuned to General Hospital in the next few weeks to see if Liason will be together once again or if Friz will prevail.