Angelina Jolie Allegedly Heading For Meltdown Amid Brad Pitt Divorce, Career Demands

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Angelina Jolie is said to be struggling to deal with her hectic career while trying to finalize her divorce from estranged husband Brad Pitt, it’s been alleged.

According to Life & Style, Angelina has really been overworking herself with the projects she’s signed her name to, and it doesn’t help that she’s actively taking care fo six children that are all living in her Los Feliz home.

On top of that, Jolie is determined to finally reach a settlement with Brad, who she filed for divorce from back in September 2016, but she’s completely overwhelmed by it all, even though she would never say it herself, the source explains.

Friends and family are noticing significant changes in Angelina Jolie, particularly her eating habits which have gotten worse over time.

Several pals feel that Angelina is singing on for too many projects, and that’s consequently affecting the time she has to care for her children and take care of other things, such as dealing with the Brad Pitt divorce and her own well-being.

An insider adds that Angelina doesn’t have much time for herself; she’s always occupied doing something, and now that she’s starting to lose a significant amount of weight, it’s really starting to show how affected by the stress of it all.

When told my friends to slow down on the way she’s currently living her life and dealing with her Hollywood career, Angelina is alleged to have responded by saying that “she needs to be everything to everyone,” and therefore can’t back out of the responsibilities she has.

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Evidently enough, everyone around Angelina Jolie is extremely worried about her situation. They feel she’s doing too much at once and with the way things are currently looking, taking the actress’ health into consideration, she’s bound to suffer from a meltdown.

People closet to her are telling her that she needs to slow down and focus on the things that are most important, and her health is one of those things.


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Dealing with six children, finalizing the Brad Pitt divorce, and working on multiple film projects is bound to backfire on Jolie with a severe breakdown that could consequently see her needing professional help if she doesn’t slow down, the source notes.