Tamar Braxton: Vince Herbert Desperate To Win Her Back Amid Divorce Battle, Says Source

Tamar Braxton won’t be divorcing Vince Herbert if the music mogul gets his way, sources have claimed.

According to Radar Online, Herbert is actively trying to win back his estranged wife, who infamously filed for divorce last year, with sources later on claiming that domestic and emotional abuse was to blame for her decision to part ways from her husband.

Tamar Braxton’s mother, Evelyn, ended up coming forward, claiming that domestic abuse definitely played a part in her daughter’s move to distance herself from Vince, which ended up explaining the reason behind her follow-up decision to file for a restraining order.

What has puzzled fans, however, is that the duo has still been in contact with one another. In fact, on New Year’s Eve, Vince and Tamar were spotted talking to one another and judging from what onlookers had said, it did not look like the duo was arguing either.

Radar Online reports that Vince was really spotted having lunch with a friend in Calabasas, California, where the topic of a reconciliation between himself and Tamar had been brought up.

Herbert reportedly mentioned that he had been given Braxton the space she needed but ultimately, he wants her back and wouldn’t want to see her pull through with her current plans to divorce the man she shares a child with.

It was just on Christmas Day when Vince was arrested and taken to jail for allegedly insinuating a booze-fueled fight, according to the publication, which only gave Tamar Braxton more reason to realize that a reconciliation was impossible.


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Regardless of the feuding that the singer has done with Herbert, she has been very open in saying that she still wants to share a good relationship with the music mogul for the sake of their son, Logan — after all, Vince will evidently be in her life forever.

They are bound together by their son, but it doesn’t seem like Tamar Braxton is interested to reunite with her estranged husband.

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The “My Man” hitmaker is currently in talks to work on her own talk show following her departure on The Real in 2016, a show which Vince had been the executive producer of.