Pamela Anderson Experiences ‘Dancing On Ice’ Wardrobe Malfunction

Pamela Anderson’s recent appearance on ITV’s Dancing on Ice ended with a wardrobe malfunction that caused her boobs to pop out of her dress.

The dance competition is the latest series to put celebrities in competition with one another on the small screen. Unfortunately for Anderson, her Dancing on Ice stint didn’t last very long. According to Independent Woman, a stumble and a wardrobe malfunction has sent the actress and former Playboy playmate home.

Pamela Anderson reportedly danced to Sinead O’Connor’s cover of Elton John’s “Sacrifice” during her appearance on the television program. The former Baywatch star was forced to square off against comedian Keith Chegwin.

Unfortunately for Anderson, her routine didn’t unfold as planned. Instead of winning the competition, Pamela stumbled a bit during her performance. As a result of the misstep, the actress’ boobs accidentally popped out of her dress.

“I just stumbled, my dress … my boobs fell out, it happens,” Anderson said of the mishap.

Unreality TV reports that Anderson’s number was off to a relatively good start despite the wardrobe malfunction. After stumbling a bit and falling into her dance partners arms, the actress’ dress reportedly “fell off.” Although Anderson continued with the routine, it was clear her concentration had been compromised.

At the end of the day, the judges — which included former Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts — decided to cast their votes for Chegwin.

“Oh you’re a little ball of fun and energy out there. If I’m going to be a little nit picky I’d say extend the arms, but hey, thumbs up,” Roberts said of Chegwins’ performance.

“A year ago you didn’t make it. Yesterday you were away performing. Yes, it’s rough around the edges but everyone was smiling. The first thing I saw was the speed and attack with which you go through the ice. You’ve got a lovely partner, enjoy the moment,” head judge Robin Cousins remarked.

Are you a fan of Pamela Anderson? What do you think about her wardrobe malfunction and subsequent elimination from Dancing on Ice?