President Reportedly Eats Burgers Because He Fears Being Poisoned, Book About the Trump White House Claims

A tell-all book about the Trump White House claims that President Trump’s love for burgers stems from fears that he might be poisoned.

The book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House is authored by Michael Wolff, a controversial journalist who was invited to the White House during the disorganized early months of the Trump administration.

President Trump granted Wolff access to his administration after a favorable article the journalist wrote about him in June 2016 for The Hollywood Reporter. Wolff was allowed to witness events in the White House unsupervised and according to him, he conducted over 200 interviews with President Trump and associates during an 18-month spell.

It is no news that the billionaire property developer loves fast food and even opted for a hamburger rather than Japanese cuisine during his first trip to Japan as president. However, this revelation from Trump’s first tell-all book as president gives an alleged reason why the president loves his burgers.

In another surprising excerpt from the book, Wolff claims there were times when the president would eat cheeseburgers in bed while monitoring three television sets at the same time. Wolff added that the president would then vent at aides with regard to how he was being portrayed by the media.

The media columnist claimed that President Trump was often the source of the embarrassing information peddled against him.

Another claim unearthed from the bomb-shell book asserts that Trump gave a specific order for housekeeping staff not to touch anything in his room, especially his toothbrush. The Huffington Post quoting excerpts from the book revealed that the 45th president of the United States one time, shouted at a housekeeper that tried picking up his shirt on the floor, insisting that he wanted the shirt to remain on the floor.

Wolff reveals in the book that the president insists on the cleaning crew alerting him before changing his sheets and even strips down his bed himself. Other shocking claims allege that the president installed a lock on his bedroom door much to the chagrin of the Secret Service and maintains separate sleeping quarters from wife, Melania.

Trump’s White House press secretary called the book “trashy tabloid fiction full of false and misleading accounts” after the President’s former aide, Steve Bannon was quoted saying some unpalatable things against Jared Kusher and Donald Trump Jr. over a meeting with Russians at the Trump Tower.

Bannon called the meeting which allegedly was to obtain compromising information about Hillary Clinton, “treasonous” and “unpatriotic.”

This has prompted a verbal retaliation from the president who said his former chief strategist not only lost his job, but also seemed to have lost his mind.

The first official excerpt from Wolff’s Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House came out Tuesday. The shocking quotes from Steve Bannon, sent the book peaking at number one, less than 24 hours after it ranked 48,449 on Amazon’s bestseller list.

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