‘GTA 5:’ Rockstar’s Crown Jewel Might Not Be Coming To The Switch, After All

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Recently a Reddit user named, DasVergeben, leaked information on the social media site claiming that there is a possibility of GTA 5 coming to the Nintendo Switch. Since the Redditor’s bold announcement, many Grand Theft Auto fans and a few news sites have blasted DasVergeben’s credibility.

Rumors of a Nintendo Direct scheduled for later this month, have sent fans of the Japanese gaming company to speculate the possible announcements that could be made at the event, based on an article by Trusted Reviews. One gaming fan who goes by the Reddit name, DasVergeben, has scoped out a couple of leaks that he or she feels could be revealed during the Nintendo Direct.

Recently, DasVergeben released another set of leaks which he or she believes has a high probability of being right. One of the leaks states that GTA V will be released in the Nintendo Switch.

According to GameRant, DasVergeben has a reputation for being a video game leaker. However, his record is a bit shoddy at best. So far, the Redditor has only made one accurate prediction. He or she correctly predicted that a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DLC would be released for Injustice 2.

Given DasVergeben’s mostly inaccurate leak history, many Redditors and a few news sites have come forward and shared evidence disproving the leaked information about GTA V and the Nintendo Switch.

Player.One makes several arguments against Davergeben’s GTA V leak. The most substantial argument might be that the Nintendo Switch is incapable of handling a game as big as GTA V. As it stands, GTA V is 45GB. As for the moment, LA Noire already needs an external memory card for gamers to play it on the Switch, stated NintendoLife.

Luckily, Nintendo is working on 64GB game cartridges. Player.One notes, however, that these big cartridges aren’t expected to be released until 2019, as per The Wall Street Journal. So, even if Rockstar did plan on releasing GTA V for the Switch, it would not be anytime this year.

Some Redditors also shared their thoughts about DasVergeben’s Nintendo Switch leak. Based on the comments to DasVergeben’s post, gamers have mixed feelings about the leak. Some believe that there is a possibility while others deem the leak to be outright false.

GTA V on Switch (5-year-old game btw)…Who actually believes this…?” commented Doombro98.

“GTA V is the Skyrim of Rockstar. Also, they confirmed that GTA 6 would not arrive soon, so it is a logical choice to port GTA V in any console possible,” replied Skuld_Whisper.

Skuld_Whisper makes a sound argument. Rockstar is too concentrated on the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 as well as content for GTA V and GTA Online to work on GTA 6. Take-Two, the company that publishes Rockstar’s games, may decide to release GTA V in the Nintendo Switch to increase profit for the game.

However, some Redditors pointed out that Take-Two might not want to release GTA V without GTA Online since the multiplayer version is currently the breadwinner of the two games. Player.One agrees with this mindset as well.

Unfortunately, it seems like the Nintendo Switch is not prepared to handle online games. So, if Rockstar were to release GTA V in the Japanese console, it would have to release the single-player version alone. Most Redditors believe that Take-Two would never allow GTA V and GTA Online to be released separately.

“GTA V Switch doesn’t need GTA Online,” commented stealthyfrog.

“They would never port it if it didn’t come with the online,” replied Doombro98 to stealthyfrog’s comment.

As with any leak, gamers will have to wait to see if DasVergeben’s predictions are accurate. If there is a Nintendo Direct set for later this month, the wait will be short.