Some Oregon Residents Are Furious Over New Legislation Where They Might Have To Pump Their Own Gas

Oregonians are getting a bad reputation after some residents freaked out over a new legislation regarding rules at the gas pump. For as long as Oregon locals can remember, self-serve gas pumps have been banned in the state. New Jersey is the only other state with the same law that only offers full-service, but new regulations are changing that for the west coast state.

According to KGW, the new law was passed in May of last year and signed by Governor Kate Brown the following month. The new legislation affects counties with less than 40,000 residents and will now offer self-serve pumps. Gas stations in those counties can keep full-service if they wish to do so. Counties with over 40,000 residents will still have the ban and offer full-service pumps only.

Local news station KTLV shared a post on December 29 which is now gaining major traction. The post asked if Oregon should have self-serve pumps across the entire state. The responses are overwhelmingly hilarious and caused the small station’s post to go viral.

The post has over 31,000 reactions, 48,000 comments, and 57,000 shares. Now that the internet as a whole has caught wind of the post, most of the top comments are mocking Oregon residents for their ridiculous comments regarding self-serve pumps.

“Many people are not capable of knowing how to pump gas and the hazards of not doing it correctly,” one local commented. “I don’t want to go to work smelling of gas when I get it on my hands or clothes.”

Another commenter admitted to being afraid of breathing in the fumes from the gas and the effect it would have on their body over time. According to the local, “lung cancer rates will skyrocket.”

A native 62-year-old Oregonian admitted to never pumping gas in her life and said she would have no idea how to even go about doing it. She was just another resident who did not want to smell like gas.

Residents outside Oregon and New Jersey are having an absolute field day in the comment section of the post. Most replies are incredibly sarcastic, and to say Oregonians were being trolled would be an understatement.

One Facebook user clapped back at those upset over self-serve pumps with a hilarious reply.

“I’m 5’2? and petite and often have to pump my own gas before dawn heading to work. More often than not, a pack of wolves will surround me ready to strike.”

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