Who Got Eliminated On ‘The Amazing Race’ 2018 Tonight? Season 30 Premiere Results Here

The premiere of The Amazing Race 2018 kicked off tonight on CBS, as the new teams on The Amazing Race 30 started their journey around the world. It was all about learning about these new teams and seeing how they did on the first leg of the race, but who got eliminated on The Amazing Race 2018 tonight? Find out the Season 30 premiere results below in our The Amazing Race spoilers.

The Amazing Race Season 30 features 11 teams fighting to make their way around the world to win that $1 million prize. The teams range from firefighters and competitive eaters to former contestants on Big Brother. For this new season, the teams will start in Washington Square Park in New York City. They will travel to 10 countries and 21 cities with the team checking in with host Phil Keoghan at the final pit stop winning that $1 million.

The First Leg

The teams arrived in Washington Square Park and it was time to get things started. Joey Chestnut kicked things off by eating a hot dog. Phil started the race, as the teams headed into the water fountain to get the first clue, which had them head out to Iceland. The teams made their way to JFK Airport, as they all took the same flight to Iceland.


Next Clue

The teams arrived in Iceland and they started things off by traversing 150 feet above a river canyon to grab a flag. Once the teams got the flag, they headed out to another clue.

Road Block

This road block was called “Do I Have To Spell It Out?” One player had to ride in a dune buggy, as they crossed through water searching for letters. The letters would spell out the location of where the next clue was. Each letter had a number on it, which represented what spot in the word that letter went.

Next Clue

The teams arrived at the next clue, which had weightlifters there pulling cars with ropes. They were given two questions, which they had to go ask locals for the answers. Once they got the questions correct, they would each do a shot of the drinks they had to give answers for. Then it was off to the first pit stop on The Amazing Race 2018.

Pit Stop

It was a race to the finish, but Cody and Jessica got lost on the way. That made way for Kristi and Jen, as they passed them and won the first leg. For coming in first place, they also won a trip to Greece. Cedric and Shawn were the eighth-place team. However, Cedric shouted out help to Shawn during the road block. Even though Shawn did not hear him, it was still against the rules and because of that, they faced a 30-minute penalty. It was a close one, but they ended up in ninth place. It was a footrace for the final two teams, as it was very close. However, it was Dessie and Kayla coming in the last place and they were eliminated tonight on The Amazing Race 30.

The Amazing Race 2018 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.