Prostitute At Work 30 Minutes After Having Baby – 10K Facebook Shares Of ‘Dedicated, Dangerous’ Hull Hessle Rd

Immediately after what could be described as the traumatic experience of giving birth to a baby, sex is usually not the first thing on a woman’s mind. In fact, common wisdom advises women to wait approximately six weeks – not 30 minutes – after having a baby before engaging in sexual intercourse, in order to prevent unplanned pregnancies, infections, and to help the woman heal. Perhaps that’s why the story of a prostitute who reportedly went back to her work as a sex worker only 30 minutes after having a baby is resonating with people online so much that the story has been shared more than 10,000 times on Facebook alone.

According to the Daily Mail, at least one prostitute admitted returning to her sex job only 30 minutes after having her baby. The sex workers line Hessle Road, with Hessle representing a town in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England. The publication’s article alone has been shared more than 5,000 times on Facebook, with variations of the article shared thousands more times, with folks marveling over the sad notion of a woman returning to sex work only 30 minutes after having a baby.

The district is known for being filled with sex workers, many of whom have suffered physical and sexual abuse. Jacqui Fairbanks has helped these women on Hull’s Hessle Road for a decade, with reports that approximately 40 sex workers line the road at any given time. However, with news that a sex worker went back to work only 30 minutes after giving birth, more attention is being shed upon the sex worker’s plight.

Humberside Police have been cracking down on prostitution on Hessle Road, in Hull’s red light district.

“One woman had a baby and, within half an hour, was back out on the streets. That’s how desperate some of these women are.”

Fairbanks spoke of the desperation of the woman who “had a baby and was back on the streets in 30 minutes,” according to the Hull Daily Mail. Describing how the life of a prostitute isn’t like the fairytale movie Pretty Woman, Jacqui did not go into further detail about the prostitute who returned to work only 30 minutes after having a baby. The assumption being made by many people online is that the woman returned to engaging in sexual intercourse, however, it’s not clear if Fairbanks meant that the sex worker engaged in other forms of sex outside of intercourse after only 30 minutes in the wake of giving birth.

What is known is that the life of a sex worker is dangerous, as noted in the piece, which speaks about women forced into the life of prostitution by abusive pimps or boyfriends. The comments flowing into the article show a mixture of horrified reactions and those not sensitive to the plight of the woman.

“Apart from the obvious for the poor woman – what kind of ‘man’ would want to have sex with a woman just 30 minutes after giving birth?”

“Showing a great work ethic unlike the layabouts who get 12 months maternity leave on full pay.”

“Would still be a bit ‘Floppy’ that soon after giving birth!”

“Impressive, most women think they need at least 9 months before going back to work.”

“They’re keen. In my work it’s 9 months off and then the obligatory 12 more for post natal depression. Another 9 months at work and the cycle starts again……….”

“It isn’t impressive, it’s downright dangerous.”

“ANY male who uses any of the degrading services that these poor women have on offer is entirely COMPLICIT in turning a blind eye to their horrendous short life of slavery and abuse……….!!!”

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