Danielle Busby Of ‘Outdaughtered’ Spent Her Holidays In The Hospital, Urgent Care

Danielle BusbyInstagram

Danielle and Adam Busby of the hit show Outdaughtered didn’t spend their holidays as planned. In Touch Weekly shared the details that Danielle actually ended up spending part of her holiday in the hospital and at an urgent care. Danielle was the one who ended up being sick and Adam was the one taking care of the girls while she was taking care of herself. They also shared that they had some extra hands around to help.

Danielle shared a picture on Instagram that shows her legs and you can see an IV coming out of her arm. She explained that the holidays didn’t go as planned, but it looks like she is doing much better now. She shared that she had a high fever, strep throat and then ended up at the ER with a stomach bug. She shared that she was back home again and that her quints were going to take a nap and she was going to relax with Blayke while she watched a movie and probably nap herself.

Adam Busby also shared a few small details about what happened over the holidays. He explained that they ended up going home one day later than planned. He shared that they went to Louisiana for Christmas and had a good time, but that they did end up at urgent care and the ER both during this trip. That does make for a rough trip, but it really does seem like Danielle is on the mend. How all of the little girls didn’t end up sick is pretty surprising.

It sounds like it was a rough holiday for the Busby family, but at least they were all together and now Danielle Busby is back home again and hopefully feeling better. No word on if the Outdaughtered cameras were rolling while they were spending their holiday in Lousiana. If it was time to film, they would have probably followed them to see all of the Busby girls and how their Christmas went.

Hopefully, Danielle and Adam Busby will be back on television soon along with their adorable children. For now, fans just have to follow them on social networks to get the updates on how they are doing. The fans would love to hear that Outdaughtered is coming back soon!