‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Shocking Consequences To Cassandra’s Death May Impact Finn & Anna Forever

Toby Canham , Rich Polk, and Jason Merritt Getty Images

General Hospital spoilers indicate that even in death, Cassandra (Jessica Tuck) may have the final word. What will happen to Finn (Michael Easton) and Anna (Finola Hughes) now that Cassandra got a dose of her own medicine? Whether she lives or dies, there will be severe repercussions for these two who sacrificed so much for the case.

According to Soap Central recaps, Cassandra blew synthetic opiates into Finn’s face, knowing full well his drug addiction past. Her plan was to get him hooked on opiates and take him with her to China so that he would help her with manufacturing there. However, Finn summoned enough strength to lunge towards her and jabbed a syringe into her body. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Cassandra may have died from a lethal overdose of her own medicine.

However, Cassandra’s death will bring with it some shocking consequences. For one, General Hospital spoilers via She Knows Soaps, state that Anna will pay a visit to the ICU. We already know that Finn does make it to the hospital because we see Anna speaking to him in a preview clip. She could either be visiting Finn again or making her rounds to Cassandra’s room the next day. Spoilers reveal that Anna will be furious because of the predicament Cassandra has put Finn in. Could she seek revenge for what Cassandra did and put her out of her misery?

General Hospital spoilers for upcoming episodes also indicate that Finn will be in for a rough ride. Firstly, he will have to deal with law enforcement if Cassandra dies. Of course, he will plead self-defense but whether the police will believe a former drug addict who is currently being treated for an overdose is another story.

Speaking of the overdose, Finn will again have to face his old demons. General Hospital spoilers, via Celeb Dirty Laundry, tease that Anna will realize what he needs and speak to Jordan (Vinessa Antoine). She will tell her how Finn landed up in this predicament and they will try to figure out a plan on how to keep him away from drugs.

Also, will Anna and Finn’s fake-turned-real romance survive these new obstacles?

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.