‘Big Brother’ Couple Cody Nickson And Jessica Graf Will Be Engaged ‘Soon’

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Big Brother 19 spawned three prominent couples, but only one has been making headlines since the finale. Cody Nickson was smitten with Jessica Graf. The two were voted out of the Big Brother house, but only one went to the Jury House. Throughout the entire season, fans followed “Jody” (Jessica and Cody) to find out whether or not they would make it outside of the house. They surprised their critics when, at the Big Brother finale, they reunited like they had never skipped a beat.

Shortly after Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf reunited on Big Brother, they were whisked off to do The Amazing Race. It has been a few months since filming began, and now, the show will begin airing on CBS tomorrow night. While it has already been spoiled that “Jody” doesn’t win the money, they did get to spend a lot of time getting to know more about one another. Big Brother was an intense experience for both, but The Amazing Race was different.

With the new season of The Amazing Race beginning tomorrow, Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf are doing press to promote the show. According to CBS 8, the Big Brother couple is going to be engaged “soon.” The two were asked about it, and Graf admitted she wanted things to happen sooner rather than later. A flustered Nickson chimed in and mentioned he wanted it to be a surprise, but with everyone talking about it, it is next to impossible.

I found my soulmate in 2017 ❤️

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Both Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf are salty about their time on Big Brother. They note that it was the house against them, which made it impossible for them to get very far. Splitting them up before the Jury House was definitely not something that sat well with either of them. Nickson and Graf still talk to “Marlena” (Mark Jansen and Elena Davies) from their season, but that is it. There are no other Big Brother relationships, and they are completely fine with that.

Right now, Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf are splitting their time between Texas and California. When Big Brother began last summer, neither player knew they would meet someone they wanted to spend time with outside of the Big Brother house. Graf has met Nickson’s daughter, and the two reportedly get along really well. Their future will be in Texas, but for now, the former Big Brother players are enjoying bouncing back and forth.