Joy-Anna Duggar Posts Hate Speech And Baby Photos But Avoids Pregnancy Update With Austin Forsyth

Austin and Joy ForsythInstagram

Joy-Anna Duggar may be busy with her first pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean that she will ignore the birthday of her favorite siblings! Jedidiah and Jeremiah turned 19 this past December, and the older sister took to Instagram to celebrate their birthday with never-been-seen-before baby pictures. Unfortunately, one of the pictures included a hate speech graffiti that she did not spot before posting on her social media. As Joy-Anna and her husband, Austin Forsyth, continue to avoid giving a pregnancy update, fans have taken to observing everything she posts carefully to spot any changes in her life.

The 20-year-old Duggar was known as the tomboy of the family way before she got married. She grew up with her younger brothers, including Jedidiah and Jeremiah, who loved to climb trees and run around barefoot.

“I think being the only girl in the middle of eight brothers, I was definitely a tomboy back in the day,” she said, according to People Magazine. “I was always hanging out with my brothers. But now I’m kind of getting out of that stage and trying to grow out of that.”

She grew out of that just in time for her wedding, letting her husband decide how she should wear her hair on the big day and wearing a white dress to walk down the aisle.

But she still has the closest connections to her twin brothers, Jeremiah and Jedidiah, with whom she spent her childhood playing wildly. While Joy-Anna did not make a post to celebrate the birthdays of her sisters Jessa and Jinger Duggar, she took time to craft a thoughtful slideshow for her brothers.

The baby picture she posted drew the attention of Counting On fans, who are eagerly waiting for pregnancy updates from her.

“That is so cute! Did you and Austin look at each other’s baby pics to see what your baby might look like?” a fan asked in the comment section. “Can’t wait to see [your] baby.”

Another fan inquired, “When are you due Joy?”

“I thought the baby had arrived,” a follower commented. “Should be any day now, right?”

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth are famous for not giving pregnancy updates like her older sisters have. She rarely has posted pictures of her baby bump, which has taken away the fans’ pleasure of tracking her pregnancy in real time. When she posts pictures of herself, she does not reveal how far along she is, leaving the due date to the fans’ best guesses.

The fans also noticed, in one of the pictures she uploaded for her brothers’ birthday, that hate speech was scribbled across a wall that she posed with Jeremiah and Jedidiah. Right next to the “No Parking” sign, the hate speech is written in black spray paint.

“So we’re not going to acknowledge the ‘N-word’ that’s written on the wall?” a fan asked.

“It’s a graffiti that someone put. Has nothing to do with them,” another fan justified. “They probably didn’t even see it. I didn’t notice it till I read your comment.”

The fans can expect to learn more about Joy-Anna’s pregnancy when Counting On returns on TLC this spring.