‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Jan 8-12: Anna Uncovers Crucial Clue, Sam’s Heart Becomes Confused

The week of January 8 will bring forth more revelations, and General Hospital spoilers tease that Anna (Finola Hughes) will uncover surprising facts.

This week will be tough for Anna, and prior spoilers revealed that she will deal with the aftermath of Cassandra’s wrath. Her mission will put the lives of two men in danger — Finn (Michael Easton) and Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). Cassandra made a reputation for herself for being ruthless. This week, spoilers tease she will prove just how far she is willing to go to get what she wants. There’s no doubt someone will end up in danger because of Cassandra. Both men will try to do their best to survive, but someone might end up with more injuries.

General Hospital spoilers tease Anna will pay a visit to the ICU. Given the recent turn of events, one of the two men might be the one who ends up in a critical condition. Valentin has been trying his best to keep Cassandra away from his family, and he had to do the woman’s bidding to protect his loved ones. Meanwhile, Finn is already in too deep and he wants to prove a point. He agreed to stick by Anna’s plan until the end, and this dedication to the mission might put him in harm’s way.

General Hospital has been building up the chemistry between Finn and Anna. Their latest partnership indicates there might be a future for these two. A romantic entanglement is also on the horizon. If Finn gets hurt while on a mission, Anna might fall deeper for him. Finn almost had an overdose courtesy of Cassandra, and he needs to watch out or else he will be back to square one. Needless to say, spoilers tease he will have something to say to Anna.

While romance might be in her cards in 2018, spoilers tease Anna will be busy pursuing a lead in the upcoming week. While someone involved in Cassandra’s scheme mends, Anna will find herself slaving to complete another mission. Solving a crime is the best way to stop herself from getting over someone’s medical condition. Anna has always been one of the best people for solving crimes, and she might use her free time to uncover more secrets.

Anna will find out about a secret that could shock all of Port Charles. General Hospital spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry tease Anna will find out who took the ornament containing Drew’s memories. Peter is a person of interest, and he might be the one who took the ornament. Whoever it is, there will be another shocking reveal next week on General Hospital.

General Hospital spoilers tease Carly will get a scolding from Jason this week for trying to meddle with his affairs. Sam will continue to insist Drew is the man for her despite the kiss they shared and the feelings it triggered. During the week of January 8, spoilers tease Jason will get a useful lead from Spinelli. It seems like they will finally make some progress on their search for the mastermind behind the memory mapping study. However, this information will put Jason in harm’s way. General Hospital spoilers tease Sam will realize she has feelings for Jason soon, and it might happen when the man she loves gets in serious trouble.

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