‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ned Wants To Be Mayor, Someone Ends Up In ICU, Carly Takes Her Hands Off JaSam

General Hospital spoilers reveal 2018 will start with exciting scenes. Drew (Billy Miller) will stumble upon Jason (Steve Burton) and Sam (Kelly Monaco). Carly’s (Laura Wright) machinations worked, but the former couple has to bear the consequences of their actions. Meanwhile, Cassandra’s plan will put someone’s life in serious danger.

Political Aspirations

It will be a short week for General Hospital, but there will be tons of exciting scenes. Anna (Finola Hughes) will get caught in a difficult situation. This might have something to do with Anna and Finn’s scheme to take Cassandra down.

After an altercation with Michael, General Hospital spoilers tease Ned will find another pursuit. Working with someone less experienced and much younger, hit him hard. He used to run ELQ and having Michael take over his place is not easy to accept. Since the situation is too much for him, Ned will decide to just leave.

Spoilers tease Olivia will have an awesome suggestion for Ned. Since Ned just lost his job, Olivia thinks her new husband will be the perfect candidate to be the next mayor of Port Charles. Olivia’s nudging will be the main reason Ned will think he is suitable to enter the world of politics. Meanwhile, General Hospital spoilers tease Kevin will also realize his wife has what it takes to make the town run well. Kevin will think Laura should be the next mayor. Spoilers tease there will be heated confrontations between the two potential candidates for mayor. Next week, Laura will have big news. This may have something to do with the mayoral race.

Big Disasters For 2018

General Hospital spoilers tease the year won’t end peacefully. The New Year will have a lot of happenings. Lulu will sniff something fishy about Valentin’s movements, and she will inform Dante about her suspicions. General Hospital spoilers tease Nina will also feel ill at ease. Lulu will try to make Nina spill the beans about what Valentin is up to. Plus, something will go wrong with Cassandra’s operations. She will discover the bug Finn planted, and Valentin will be her prime suspect.

Spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry tease someone will end up in serious trouble thanks to Cassandra. Anna will visit someone in the ICU during the week of January 1, so there’s a high probability someone who messed up with Cassandra will be in a critical condition. Valentin is the most likely candidate since Cassandra will order her henchman to beat the truth out of Valentin. However, Finn is still in danger since Cassandra might figure out who was behind the bug.

General Hospital spoilers tease Lulu will try to track down Faison next week, and Jason will also intensify his search for the mastermind behind the mind mapping study.

Carly Backs Down

Carly has been vocal in pushing Jason and Sam back into each other’s arms. In the upcoming weeks, she will hear what Jason has to say about the matter. Jason will not be happy with the scheme she thought of, and he will insist Carly needs to stop meddling in his affairs. Carly will be reluctant in entertaining Jason’s request but she will finally give in. She will try to stop pushing JaSam together. General Hospital spoilers tease Sam will try to suppress her feelings for Jason, and she will insist on her decision to marry Drew.

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