‘Bachelor’ Star Arie Slammed By Former Friend: Is Jef Holm Angry That ABC Didn’t Choose Him?

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Jef Holm won Emily Maynard’s heart when she filmed her season of The Bachelorette. The two appeared to be madly in love, but something went wrong. After being engaged for just a few months, Emily announced that their engagement was over and Jef didn’t really speak to the public about the breakup. Oddly enough, Holm did seem to like the attention he got from being on The Bachelorette and it doesn’t sound like he has settled down since appearing on the show. While he and Arie Luyendyk Jr. were best friends on the show, it sounds like these two are no longer close. According to a new tweet, Jef Holm is now revealing that he doesn’t think Arie will last one year with his final pick. Arie’s season of The Bachelor started this week.

“Doesn’t matter who gets out of the limo…I’ll give 5k to the charity of Chris Harrison’s choice if Arie lasts 1 year with anyone,” Jef Holm revealed on Twitter, to which people had mixed reactions.

“This is an interesting tweet coming from someone whose own engagement ended in under 6 months. Happy New Year!” one person wrote back to Jef, while another added, “Not even an Arie fan, but you are just mad that ABC wants nothing to do with you.”

Mom will you buy me Rosetta Stone for French?

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It is very interesting that Jef has such harsh words for a man he used to call his best friend while filming The Bachelorette years ago. After filming wrapped, Arie admitted to contacting Emily behind Jef’s back because he felt she made the wrong choice. Maybe Holm felt betrayed by his friend because these two are no longer friends. But one Twitter follower does make a compelling argument against Holm. Maybe Jef is just upset that ABC didn’t pick him to become the next Bachelor.

It sounds like Jef Holm has absolutely no interest in watching Arie’s journey to find love, as he seems to think that he won’t be able to keep a long-lasting relationship. He seems convinced that Arie will mess up his chances. Perhaps he’s hinting that he would be the better pick for a Bachelor star than Arie, even though some viewers believe that Jef is extremely cocky and rude. Fans will just have to wait and see if Jef is right about his predictions. Arie has already hinted that he has found love through the show, so it will be interesting to see if the romance will last.

Jef Holm may be holding out for his chance to become The Bachelor. But given how he has talked about Arie, fans may be split as to whether they want to watch.