‘Big Brother’ Feud Ignites Between Evel Dick And Paul Abrahamian

Theo WargoGetty Images

Big Brother has been over for months, but the Season 19 cast is trying to stay relevant. There was plenty of controversies last season surrounding Raven Walton and her slew of ailments. In fact, several outlets reported on them, Walton’s mother made a Facebook Live video regarding their conditions, and eventually, a GoFundMe campaign was set up. Several Big Brother viewers questioned whether or not things were legit, though Raven swore they were. Now, it is at least four months later, and a new Big Brother feud is brewing because of Walton.

Evel Dick is known for his harsh way of wording things. There is no sugarcoating anything when it comes to what he thinks. The Big Brother alum kicked up a New Year’s Eve argument with Season 18 and Season 19 Big Brother runner-up Paul Abrahamian. Everything began when Evel Dick replied to a tweet from Raven Walton. His tweet to the former Big Brother contestant upset a lot of people, including Paul Abrahamian.

There are several tweets back and forth from Big Brother players Evel Dick and Paul Abrahamian. Most of them contain foul language, especially because the tweet that fueled the fire was about hoping Raven Walton dies “a horrible and painful death.” Those words were what Dick actually typed in his response to her tweet. That is the moment that got Paul fired up, and the two went several rounds before finally ending their Twitter conversation. It is definitely not the end of this Big Brother feud, especially after what transpired through the tweets.

Other Big Brother contestants were tagged in comments, and some of them mentioned the drama on their own Twitter timelines. Jessica Graf commented about the Big Brother drama on New Year’s Eve, which was noticed because her boyfriend and showmance partner, Cody Nickson, was tagged in a response from Evel Dick. It appears to be a family affair with the Season 19 cast members, especially when it comes to social media.

In a little over a month, Celebrity Big Brother will begin the first season ever in the United States. This Big Brother feud definitely draws attention to the show and could quite possibly bring interest to the newest edition of the show. Neither Big Brother player has commented further after settling down last night, but this is definitely not over. There was a line crossed last night, and the comments made about Raven Walton didn’t resonate well with a lot of people.