Beth Chapman Debuts Neck Scar To Close Out 2017

Teresa KroegerGetty Images

Beth Chapman ended 2017 with a nice walk on the beach with her husband, and she decided to post an Instagram Live to connect with some of her fans and followers. During that time, fans were quick to notice that Beth wasn’t wearing anything around her neck, thus debuting her scar publicly after months of covering it up.

Beth Chapman was diagnosed with stage II throat cancer earlier last year. She needed to undergo surgery to remove a tumor from her throat, which was a fairly risky procedure. While the reality star was given a 50/50 chance at survival following her diagnosis, her surgery went extremely well, and doctors have since given her a clean bill of health. Though she will have to have regular check-ups, doctors have said that Beth is cancer-free, which is really the best news that she could ask for, just in time for the holidays!

After her surgery, Beth decided that she wanted to keep the scars on her neck covered up. In just about every photo that she has shared on social media, Beth is either wearing a necklace, a high-neck shirt, or some other piece of fabric around her neck. On Sunday, she posted a video on Instagram that didn’t have anything covering up her scars, which look like they’ve healed nicely.

Beth seems to be self-conscious about her surgery scars, but fans have encouraged her to let loose and to let herself get back to normal. Those who have had surgery can probably relate to what Beth is going through, but it was really nice to see her enjoy some time on the beach (it’s one of her favorite places to be) and to not focus on covering up her neck.

If you watch Beth’s Instagram story, you’ll be able to see her live video, but it will expire after 24 hours. Fans are super supporting of the Dog and Beth star, and have been sending her lots of well-wishes and love over the past several months. While she will likely still be covering up her neck for the most part, fans seem happy that she felt confident enough to share that video and to be free for a bit.