Wet Adult Diapers Trump Modesty At Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball Drop

The New Year’s Eve Time Square ball drop went off without a hitch as far as the eye could see, but it is what you couldn’t see that had folks squirming as 2018 rang in. Reporters talked to some of the many people in the crowd who admitted to wearing an adult diaper and they got the scoop on their destination as soon as the event was over — a shower!

Modesty did not present a roadblock for reporters who found people willing to talk about wearing an adult diaper in the bitter cold on New Year’s Eve, as indicated by the New York Post report. The temperature plummeted to 9 degrees in Times Square last night with a minus-4 degree wind chill nipping at exposed skin, making the event the second coldest on record for New York City.

One of the greatest challenges of the night came with those pens erected by law enforcement to contain the crowd to certain areas. Once you were admitted in, you weren’t allowed to leave until the ball dropped, leaving folks for up to eight hours without anywhere to go if nature called.

For that reason, the adult diaper became a popular addition to New Year’s Eve attire in Times Square. The city of New York left the night’s revealers without much choice. To relieve yourself in the street is against the law, so without a bathroom available, the adult diaper is your only other legal choice.

Dallas teacher Heather Feist, 32, got in line for the Times Square event. She told the New York Post that she came equipped with an alternative to the lack of bathroom facilities.

Have you ever wondered what this ocean of people do when nature calls and there are no bathrooms available?

While Feist admitted to wearing an adult diaper, she also added that so far she was “dry” and hoping to keep it that way. Ayame Yamakawa, 21, came to the Times Square celebration from her home in Japan. She traveled 22 hours from Okinawa just to get to this event.

She told the reporter, “I’ll definitely need to shower after peeing my pants all day.” This was at about 2:30 in afternoon and she reported how she needed to “wet herself” once already since 10 a.m., which is the time she got in line.

It is surprising how forthcoming people were with the details of their experiences with donning an adult diaper for their New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square. This year, as seen in previous years, people were not only willing to share their perils of donning adult diapers for the evening, they also had no problems with offering up their names for these reports.

Back in 2014, the entire Pappas family from Boston came to that year’s NYC New Year’s Eve ball drop and they revealed to the reporters, “We’re all wearing diapers,” according to Business Insider. The family consisted of Chuck Pappas, 56, his wife, two daughters, and his daughters’ boyfriends. There wasn’t a shy bone about them. They shared how they came prepared knowing there was nowhere to go the bathroom.

The fight against mother nature was on last night with the cold being the biggest battle and the lack of bathroom facilities a close second. Last year, the Times Square celebration for New Year’s Eve had been described as “urine-soaked hell” by a previous article from the New York Post. The scene was described as men and women relieving themselves anywhere they can, which was noted from previous years’ celebrations.

Some people bring their small children to watch the ball drop, according to the Post. The call of mother nature becomes very apparent for the kids when parents are seen holding their children over the barriers so they could go the bathroom in the street. Many took to social media sites to express their surprise and shock over people having to wear adult diapers. Some of those posts are seen below.

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