‘RHONJ’ Joe Giudice Is Moving On Up To A New Federal Prison

RHONJ Joe Giudice has made the move from a New Jersey federal prison to a Pennsylvania federal prison, and the daily accommodations sound pretty cushy (for a federal prison). But while things will be getting better for Joe Giudice, the rules for Teresa Giudice and her daughters have stepped up. Joe Giudice’s move from the Ft. Dix, New Jersey, prison to Allenwood Prison in Pennsylvania is the reason that RHONJ Teresa Giudice and her children could not see Joe over the Christmas holiday. Allenwood prison requires each potential visitor to apply in advance, and each application requires approval which takes several weeks.

RHONJ Joe Giudice Needed To Make The Move To Allenwood To Fight Deportation

RHONJ Joe Giudice needed to make the move to Allenwood Prison in order to work on his deportation case during his 41 months in prison, and also to get help with his alcoholism. Michael Wildes, an attorney for Joe and Teresa Giudice, is advising Joe on ways that Joe Giudice can stay in the country after his release from prison. At this time, the federal government is planning to deport Joe Giudice back to his native Italy. At this time, he has advised Teresa Giudice not to talk publicly about Joe’s deportation case.

“No doubt it’s important for people who are famous to be judicious in what they’re going to say in public. If Teresa were to reveal that she would follow Joe to Italy, there may not be a genuine hardship to mitigate.”

Joe Giudice Is Getting Better Accommodations At Allenwood Prison

TMZ says that RHONJ Joe Giudice might now have the chance to get ripped and limber in his new prison digs in Allenwood. The Allenwood commissary sells some high-end goods that Giudice might have been craving, including “butter pecan ice cream, a mackerel fillet, Thai tuna steak, and cappuccinos.”

RHONJ Joe Giudice can look forward to brunch on the weekends, nicer toiletries, and even MP3 players to use in his cell and during his workouts. And speaking of workouts, Joe Giudice can now branch out from simply working out in the gym to “yoga, fitness classes, bocce ball and even flag football.”

But there is a new set of rules for Teresa Giudice and the Giudice daughters if they want to visit Papa Joe while he is behind bars. Only five guests at a time will be able to visit Joe, and female visitors cannot wear any makeup, and their manner of dress cannot be “sexy.”

RHONJ Teresa Giudice Couldn’t See Joe Over Christmas Because Of The Move

RHONJ Teresa Giudice took her daughters Audriana, 8, Milania, 11, Gabriella, 13, and Gia, 16, to Mexico for the Christmas holiday after finding out that she wouldn’t be able to visit Joe Giudice in prison over the holiday break, says People. But even though Joe Giudice cannot see his family over the holidays, he is said to be much happier in Allenwood, as he can talk to Teresa and the Giudice girls several times a day, and he can also exchange emails with family and friends.

A friend of Teresa Giudice says that plans are in the works for Teresa to visit Jow Giudice after the holidays are over.

“Joe was recently, right around Thanksgiving, moved to a federal prison in Pennsylvania. It takes about four to six weeks for visitors to be approved, so she will unfortunately not be able to see him before Christmas, but her hope is that immediately after she gets back from her trip, she will be able to see him once her visiting form is approved.”

Friends and family have said that since his move to Allenwood, Joe Giudice has had an improvement in his mood, and he is more upbeat. Still, for the Giudice family, it is difficult being apart for the holidays considering that the family is still mourning the loss of Teresa’s mother.

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