Jana Kramer Reveals A Vow Renewal With Husband Mike Caussin

Jana Kramer of One Tree Hill and Dancing With the Stars is doing great after celebrating a vow renewal with her husband, Mike Caussin. Taste of Country shared the news about her vow renewal and how things are going for the couple now. Jana and Mike separated back in 2016, but the couple reunited in 2017.

Jana and Mike have one daughter together, Jolie. She has been posting videos and photos of Mike lately on social networks, which had fans assuming that they had worked out all of their problems over the last year. They did the vow renewal back on December 2, but she just now shared the details about it with fans.

The singer and actress shared in her Instagram post that he did break her heart, but that now she is stronger and realizes that family is everything. Back on December 9, Jana Kramer shared the news that she had a miscarriage, which was heartbreaking for her. This has fans thinking that more than likely there will be news about a pregnancy coming out soon for this couple.

People shared back in September of 2017 that Jana and Mike were working on their marriage. When the two split, it was revealed that Mike had been unfaithful and he went to a rehabilitation facility. They never separated in court or got a divorce. There was no reason for these two to end up getting remarried, so instead, they simply renewed their vows.

Jana Kramer admitted that it was hard for her to learn to trust again, but it looks like they have figured it all out. Jana said that they were going to a lot of therapy together and it must have worked for them. Jana says that he has been working really hard on things and it looks like it has worked for him because his wife took him back and they worked it all out.

Hopefully, everything will continue to go great for Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin. These two have worked through it all and will be focusing on their family in 2018.

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