New Year’s Eve In Times Square: Frigid Temps And Wet Adult Diapers Just Don’t Mix

The lack of bathrooms available to the 2 million people in Times Square for New Year’s Eve makes for some very crude surroundings as the night wears on. There are no port-a-potties and businesses, like restaurants, turn those in need of a toilet away. The stories are horrendous coming from the regular folks who’ve attended the New Year’s Eve ball drop in the past.

One of the most horrendous things to see are the small children who are standing out in the cold for hours, herded like cattle in Times Square. Without bathroom facilities, parents are seen lifting the kids over the barriers so they can relieve themselves, and as the night goes on, it becomes quite an experience.

The New York Post deems New Year’s Eve in Time’s Square a “urine soaked hell,” as people who can’t wait any longer just urinate in the streets and that is not just the case for men. Women have also found themselves in a desperate situation and had no choice. One of the more popular garments for the Times Square New Year’s Eve ball drop is the adult diaper.

Wearing a wet adult diaper can be excruciatingly painful once it gets cold, which is what the people commenting on this dilemma had to say from These are people who wear the adult diaper every day, so they sound as if they know the pros and cons of this. The Everywhereist, which is a blog, talked about those pens that are set up in Times Square where people are herded into and given very little space to watch the ball drop on New Year’s Eve.

They have to stay in there for eight hours without any bathroom facilities offered and the writer couldn’t get over how young people with perfectly fine bladders are wearing adult diapers for the event. Her sense of humor came through with her report on these adult diapers.

“I learned something alarming and somewhat unbelievable. Apparently a lot of the Times Square revelers that you see on television? They are wearing adult diapers. VOLUNTARILY.”

According to, tonight’s New Year’s Eve in Times Square is on track to be the second coldest in history, with tonight’s wind chill bringing the temperature to five to -15 overnight. Exposed skin could develop frostbite in as little as 30 minutes. New York City’s coldest New Year’s Eve on record was way back in 1917. Times Square visitors had to cope with a frigid temperature of one degree.

Back in 2o14, a family from Boston came to Times Square for the New Year’s Eve ball drop and they all came equipped after hearing about the lack of toilet facilities.

“We’re all wearing diapers” under their ski suits, which is what they told a reporter. The Business Insider reported on the Pappas family who were not shy about sharing what their briefs consisted of for the night.

The wearing of wet diapers with the temperatures hovering around zero could prove more uncomfortable than people think, according to reports. If you thought that the wearing of adult diapers in Times Square on New Year’s Eve was an urban legend, think again. Even the Wall Street Journal added the cost of the diapers into the amount you can expect to spend for your New Year’s Eve celebration out in the cold in Times Square.

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