'Big Brother' Spoilers: Paul Abrahamian Reveals Jury Pact Against Him During Reddit AMA

Big Brother 19 has been over since summer, but the houseguests are still vocal, acting out on social media, and drawing attention (and criticism). BB19 runner-up Paul Abrahamian sat down for a Reddit AMA. He addressed much of the controversy of the summer season including whether he knew Raven before they entered the CBS house, the accusations of bullying, the blackface debacle, and also said that he was blocked from the win by a jury pact that turned his allies against him. Here's a look at what Paul had to say about the lack of friendship in Big Brother 19.

Paul Confirmed He Met Raven Before BB19

Paul was asked in the AMA about a photo and video, supposedly of Raven partying at his house with him and Victor Arroyo after the Big Brother 18 finale. You can see the video in a tweet below, and it sure looks like Raven, but that was debunked during BB19 by Paul's BFF. The girl in the video was a doppelganger who looked a lot like wild and erratic Raven Walton, but it was Paul's bestie in the video, not Raven. However, Paul did admit that he met Raven outside of Big Brother.
Paul was asked if he was "friends with Raven prior to BB19?" and he said he "LOL'd so hard when I saw all these rumors." Paul explained that he went on tour with his band, Strange Faces, after the Big Brother 18 finale and they had a concert in Arkansas which Raven attended. He said Raven "came to the show as a fan" and he took a pic backstage with her (see below), and she told him about her pacemaker (because she tells everyone). Paul says he was shocked when he saw her in the BB19 house.

Paul Discusses "Blackface" Controversy

A Big Brother fan mentioned the controversy and called it "a bunch of Twitter stans making mountains out of molehills." Paul said he and Dominique are friends and said they "laughed that sh*t off" but said it made him "sick to his stomach." He also said in all caps that "DOMINIQUE & I" had "IN-DEPTH CONVERSATIONS ABOUT RACISM IN AMERICA." Paul also said as a first-generation immigrant that he "deals with racist comments all the f*cking time."

Paul added that it was one of the "most disappointing things" to see "certain BB alum who tried to take that & run with it for attention." Paul insisted that he made it clear that he was dressing up like a snake. Other participants on the Reddit AMA agreed this was overblown and replied to Paul that they got that he dressed as a snake "to mock her [Dominique] for calling you a snake." Other said people were "grasping at straws looking for anything" to make Paul look bad.

Was It Bullying or Just Reality TV?

During BB19, there was a lot of talk about bullying both in and out of the Big Brother house. Mark was sensitive to it because he was bullied as an overweight kid and there were noticeably coordinated attacks designed to overwhelm houseguests before comps. But was it bullying? When Paul was asked by Redditors about the bullying accusations, his reply was passionate. Paul responded that BB is a "f*cking reality tv show" and said he understood the "nature of what I signed up for."

Paul also said, "My actions in the show were strictly to get people to turn against each other, vote one another out, & move me forward in the game. NOT to GENUINELY hurt someone's feelings."

The BB19 runner-up also said some "like to toss the word bully around & exploit it for attention." Paul said people like that take away from "what bullying actually is" and urged "EVERYONE to be mindful of what you say on the internet." That didn't satisfy Redditors who piled on saying that because it was game strategy, that made it worse. They also asked about him putting Vaseline on things that Cody touched he said it was funny and innocent and something James did to him all the time in BB18.

The Anti-Paul Jury Pact in BB19

Immediately after this summer's Big Brother finale, Paul was interviewed by US Weekly. and told the tabloid that "they voted to see me lose." He added, "that was the goal" of many jurors. Of course, that interview was done before Paul got to talk to other houseguests about what went down in the jury. Now, months later, Paul was asked "whether there was a formal pact against you" and he said, "it was definitely a thing."

He said, "There was a pact to make sure that I didn't win the game" and said "Cody hated me" and it was not something he could control.

Paul said Cody and Elena decided against him and "Mark followed anything those two decided on" and said from there, "it was done." Paul said that Matt told him everything that went down in the jury house and said, "those three [Cody, Mark, and Elena] convinced Alex & Jason to not vote for me & form a pact." With Cody casting the deciding vote to snatch victory from Paul for the second year in a row, this seems accurate. Even now, Cody, Jessica, Mark, and Elena remain in close contact.

You can read the entire Reddit AMA with Paul Abrahamian here. Big Brother: Celebrity Edition starts on February 7. Be sure to read the Perez Hilton CBBUS casting spoilers plus see a full casting rumor round-up. Set your DVR now with this full CBB schedule for all 13 episodes and check back often for all the latest Celebrity Big Brother spoilers and news.