Camila Cabello Says Goodbye To Fifth Harmony Days And Looks Forward With Her New ‘Never Be The Same’ Video

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The year 2017 has been a rocky road for former Fifth Harmony singer Camila Cabello as she tried to create her own name outside the girl band. As the year closes, the artist released a music video for her newest single, “Never Be The Same,” and it’s the perfect nostalgia for her journey so far.

According to Complex, the American-Cuban singer initially planned to release her music video during New Year’s Eve, but was too excited to wait.

The song is a toned-down pop song that highlights Cabello’s unique falsetto notes. The video featured snippets of home videos showing Cabello from when she was just a child to her recording years. The five-minute video was a full recap of how the 20-year-old rose to her success.

Cabello thanked her family, friends, and fans who were a part of her journey. The emotional roller coaster has been her backbone for growth.

Cabello’s professional career was bootstrapped by The X Factor, where the band was formed. Since their 2012 days, Fifth Harmony has won multiple awards, but over the past two years, Cabello has been hinting at the separation. She cited that there were simply different ideas on how the music should be. But, throughout the fallout in her band, she thanked the people who supported her and her decision.

“I frickin love you all so much and PS my family and I cried several times watching this back.”

In 2016, Cabello launched her solo career. Her collaboration with Shawn Mendes in the duet “I Know What You Did Last Summer” was a certified platinum. They topped charts in Europe as well as in the U.S.

Camila Cabello readies herself for her new solo journey
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For Cabello, recording her own album has also been therapeutic. In her interview with BBC, she said that this is the first time people are seeing her for who she is. This is the perfect time for her to push her boundaries.

Cabello admitted that recording solo was scary and “overwhelming” since she has to be vulnerable with her music. But, the process taught her to not “be afraid to feel.”

She tells her fans to embrace the “sad” parts of life because it makes us whole. Emotions are a part of who she is and it shouldn’t matter if these are good or bad. She said we need to acknowledge how to appreciate even the bad moments in our lives.

“I felt like this whole process really opened me up again and helped me let go of all the pain I was feeling. I felt like it healed me to the point where I was good again.”

So for 2018, Cabello is simply looking forward for more adventures she can share with family, friends, and fans.

You can watch her new music video below.