MLB Trade Rumors: Chicago White Sox Remain In Talks For Manny Machado And Christian Yelich

Joseph Garnett Jr.Getty Images

The Chicago White Sox are quietly being aggressive as MLB trade rumors continue about their desire to add either Manny Machado or Christian Yelich. Armed with the highest rated minor league system, the Chicago White Sox are in position to offer prospects to the Baltimore Orioles and Miami Marlins for their star players. However, it may prove to be a contrast in the White Sox’s direction.

The Chicago White Sox are in the second year of their rebuilding project. Simply being mentioned in MLB trade rumors for stars Manny Machado and Christian Yelich appears to be a hitch in the current White Sox philosophy.

Both of the Chicago White Sox’s targets, Manny Machado and Christian Yelich, are proven All-Stars, who fit a young team. The curiosity involving the MLB trade rumors regarding the White Sox and their desire to acquire Machado or Yelich is that both players want to be in winning situations.

The White Sox do not provide that at this time. It is a belief that the Chicago White Sox would diminish their farm system in order to snag a star. The strength of the White Sox is their up and coming players. A risk is present, as not all of their young players will pan out. This is a factor as the MLB trade rumors involving the White Sox grow increasingly louder.

MLB trade rumors of the White Sox’s intentions may have become clearer. The Chicago White Sox are still talking to the Baltimore Orioles and Miami Marlins about Machado and Yelich, as reported by Bleacher Report.

Despite the rumors, the Chicago White Sox are not close to completing either trade. What is known is that the White Sox want to expedite their rebuilding process.

With MLB offseason transactions moving slowly, neither of the teams in the American League Central have improved themselves. The Chicago White Sox were competitive despite having a predominately young and inexperienced roster.

The thinking of the White Sox could be for them to compete for a division title, while having to sacrifice barely a fraction of their talented farm system. It would be a similar strategy employed by the Milwaukee Brewers last season.

If the Chicago White Sox want Manny Machado, the Boston Red Sox could be their stiffest competition. Several MLB trade rumors have the Red Sox linked to Manny Machado.

According, the Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles have discussed the possibility of a trade. What could eliminate the Red Sox is their heated rivalry with the Orioles. Also, the Orioles may not truly consider trading Machado to a team which they share the division with. The MLB trade rumors could, however, boost the Orioles’ return for Machado.

If the Orioles’ asking price for Manny Machado goes higher, the Chicago White Sox will likely walk away. There are rumors regarding the White Sox having a reluctance to trade any of their top five prospects, according to Yahoo Sports.

It is unclear which players the Chicago White Sox have offered for Christian Yelich. There are MLB trade rumors regarding the Atlanta Braves being among several teams that have reached out to the Miami Marlins for Yelich.

The Chicago White Sox will likely lose out on both Machado and Yelich if they do not improve their offers. Most fans believe that the White Sox are better off not making either trade.