Florida Man Rigs Door To Electrocute Pregnant Wife, Claims Report In ‘Bizarre’ Domestic Violence Case

A Florida wife became very suspicious when her husband telephoned and said not to let the children touch the front door. The wife, who was out of town in Knoxville, Tennessee, visiting relatives for the holiday, called her parents’, who lived nearby her Florida home.

When her parents went over to the house to investigate they were confronted with a very strange looking front door. Although they weren’t sure what they were looking at, it didn’t look good, so they called the sheriff’s department.

When law enforcement officers arrived at the Palm Coast home located on the 100 block of White Hall Drive, they also weren’t too sure what they were looking at, according to the Miami Herald. After some investigating and a few sparks, they soon pieced the puzzle together. It appeared that a man allegedly tried to kill his wife by wiring the door she would use to get into the house and electrocute her with the elaborate system he hooked up.

One of the first things that law enforcement officers did see when they first arrived was that there were some burn marks on the door and it also appeared that the door had been barricaded. Sparks flew when one officer gave the door a kick. The kick literally caused sparks to come out of the door, which was not a good sign.

It took several law enforcement officers and a lineman from the Florida Light & Power Company to figure out the intricate wiring of this alleged death by electrocution ploy, according to North West Florida Daily News.

The wife remains unidentified, but the husband is identified as Michael S. Wilson, 32. The sheriff believes he had allegedly wired the front door with household appliances in an attempt to electrocute his pregnant wife.

How this was intended to work was explained in the police reports, according to the NWF Daily News. The husband is accused of trying to kill his wife after the deadbolt lock and the door handle were both found wired to electrical devices. This alleged ploy of death was meant to work with his wife as the connector of two circuits.

When she would put the key in the deadbolt lock with one hand and then turn the doorknob with her other hand, she would have made the electrical connection and become electrocuted.

A Florida Sheriff admitted that this was one of the weirdest domestic violence cases he has ever come across in his law enforcement career. Veteran law enforcement officers, who have seen just about everything there is to see found themselves stumped by what they were looking at intricately hooked up to a home’s front door.

The lineman from the Florida Light & Power Company, who was shown the pictures of the setup as police attempted to decipher what they were seeing gave his opinion on what he saw. According to Steven Bray’s affidavit, who was the lineman involved, anyone who touched the door lock and door handle at the same time “would receive a jolt of some 120 volts and 1 amp.”

This jolt would deliver “enough power that the person had an 80 to 100 percent chance of suffering death or great bodily harm.” This was elaborate rigging on the other side of the front door, which the authorities were able to see once making their way into the house through the back door.

That rigging included ” two chairs, a child’s high chair, blue tape, a shower-type rod, electrical cords, wiring — some of which was cut from a bedroom salt rock lamp — and a car battery charger with clamps,” according to NWF Daily News.

The Miami Herald reports that Michael Wilson was arrested and is “facing two counts of attempted aggravated battery on a pregnant person and one count of grand theft of a firearm as part of an ongoing investigation.” It is believed that Wilson stole that firearm from his father-in-law.

Wilson was arrested on a warrant at 12:30 p.m. Thursday in Knoxville, he had originally been with his wife and the family there visiting. He got up and left the night before and then placed that strange phone call to his wife about not letting the kids touch the front door. According to NWF Daily News, he was being held Friday on $150,000 bail and will be extradited to the Flagler County Detention Facility. The sheriff’s office also noted the investigation is still going on and additional charges are pending at this time.

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