Donald Trump Photobombs Barron In Rare Scene — Look Closely In Background For Interesting Tidbits

It was Donald Trump Jr. who shared the Instagram post of a photo that captured Barron and President Trump’s two grandsons in a hug. But that wasn’t the only point of interest in the photo, as it turned into a Trump photobomb.

From behind the kids, you can see the President of the United States flashing his two fingers like “bunny ears” in the background, as described in the Daily Mail. In this picture, it appears that the President, his grandchildren, and Barron Trump are in a dining room with tables set and people eating in the background.

It also looks as if Melania Trump was also captured in the background of the snapshot. It is believed this photo was taken on Christmas Day at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Florida estate. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this photo seems to offer up a little bit trivial information about the Trump’s Christmas dinner.

If you check out the other tables at this facility they are all sporting what looks like white linen tablecloths, but on the table where Trump and Barron are seated, the tablecloth seems to sport a design of gold that covers the entire part of the table that is seen in the picture. This is seen below in the Trump photobomb picture. It is hard to miss the gilded gold walls of this dining room, which is reminiscent of the Trump Tower home that Donald, Melania, and Barron share when not living in Washington.

It is not hard to notice that Barron Trump is dressed very similar to his dad on Christmas Day with his black suit, white shirt, and red tie. Spencer and Tristan are a bit more casual in their outfits than their Uncle Barron.

In the picture above, it looks as if the kids were getting a hug from Barron and they were just beginning to “horse around” when Donald Trump Jr. captured the photo, suggested the Daily Mail. Donald Trump Jr. also posted another Instagram picture that gained fame on Fox & Friends Weekend during their Saturday morning show.

Fox & Friends Weekend showed the Instagram picture below of Donald Trump Jr. with his daughter who is enjoying her first Slurpee. Chloe is learning about a “brain freeze” from her father who is teaching her how to avoid one that has been known to pop up when slurping on this drink.

The Trump family is in Florida celebrating the holidays and the Instagram photos shared by the Trump brood are making headline news. As an earlier Inquisitr article reported, Ivanka and Tiffany Trump posing in their bikinis and blowing kisses started a flood of backlash earlier this week. That video clip from Instagram can be seen below.

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