‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Will Horton Dumps Sonny, Chandler Massey Explains Why ‘Wilson’ Didn’t Last

Days Of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Will Horton will break things off with Sonny Kiriakis (Freddie Smith). It happens after the amnesiac kisses Paul Narita (Christopher Sean) for the second time. How will Sonny handle the news? Will he try to get Will back or will he tell Paul that he was wrong to call off the wedding? Plus, actor Chandler Massey explained to Soap Opera Digest why the couple known as “Wilson” wasn’t meant to last.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Will and Paul shared another kiss. This was shocking to some “Wilson” fans because he already made a choice. When Paul wasn’t interested, he decided to try rebuilding a relationship with Sonny. However, he couldn’t get Paul out of his mind. This is what led to the New Year’s Eve kiss.

Days Of Our Lives spoilers reveal why Will Horton makes the sudden decision to end things with Sonny. Fans need to remember that the character still has amnesia. He has no recollection of his marriage, so there is no real connection to Sonny. Plus, it was explained at the Days Of Days event that there is no relationship. The three actors elaborated on the statement. According to She Knows, they said that Will’s mind is a blank slate.

“Will has no idea what’s in his heart, because he’s a blank canvas. It’s almost an unselfish move for Will at this point. He knows it’s not right to force something. He’s trying to be the Will who Sonny remembers, but he can’t because he doesn’t remember.”

Nobody knows if Will and Paul will actually end up together. However, it is beginning to look that way. However, will Sonny accept that he has no chance with the new Will? When he found out about the kiss the first time, he instantly blamed Paul, even though the amnesiac was the one to initiate the smooch. Could it go this same direction after his heart is broken by the man he loves?

Days Of Our Lives spoilers suggest that there will be more drama with the love triangle. Going into 2018, expect some more complications and torn feelings between Sonny, Will, and Paul. However, fans will have no choice but to keep watching the soap opera. The storyline will eventually have a resolution, but one man will end up alone and with a broken heart.


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