Royce White Suspended By Houston Rockets

The Houston Rockets have suspended first-round pick Royce White after he began “refusing to provide services” cited under his rookie contract.

According to Rockets general manager Daryl Morey, team officials are working with White in the hopes of coming to a resolution over his recent breech of contract.

Royce, who has been suffering with an anxiety disorder and mental health issues was assigned last week to Houston’s D-League affiliate. However, the 16th overall pick in the June NBA draft failed to appear. White has remained on the teams NBA list an an inactive player for most of the season.

Royce White also failed to show up for the teams first week of training camp.

According to ESPN:

“He flew to Detroit with the team for the season opener and then traveled by bus to Atlanta and Memphis for games. But he soon stopped participating in team activities, saying his mental health took precedence over his NBA career.”

Specifics regarding Houston’s decision to suspend Royce White are still not known. Although he did tweet the following messages after his suspension:

  • “Threat, Fines, Suspension won’t deter me. I won’t accept illogical health decisions, I will keep asking for safety & health. #BeWell @dmorey”
  • “Again the @HoustonRockets management has gone against what THEIR OWN docs have declared & their own words. #Illogical”
  • “Not refusing #DLeague I’m refusing to work, AT ALL, until a protocol is put in that ensures #safety.. Doctors should make medical decisions.”
  • “Undeniably UNSAFE 4 ANY PLAYER, when management has exec. authority in medical situations. Conflict of Interest, Health vs. Business #BeWell”

Do you think the Houston Rockets acted correctly in suspending a player who is in obvious need of professional and mental health?