[VIDEO] Watch the super-rad ending to New Super Mario Bros. Wii

[NOTE: Nobody likes a Mr. Blabbermouth McSpoiler, so I’m going to say right here that this post contains huge, Donkey Kong-sized spoilers. If you’re buying New Super Mario Bros. Wii and don’t wish to watch its rather epic ending, now’s the time to stop reading.]

I’ve made no secret on here of my love for New Super Mario Bros. Wii, so how could I resist this: the complete (and completely awesome) ending to the game, as played by the AI. As you’d expect, it’s Mario in a boss-fight with someone (okay, Bowser). Oh, and it’s not as easy as things first look – keep watching:

In fact, this looks ridiculously bleeding difficult. Aimed at casual gamers? Don’t be so sure.