Farrah Abraham Reveals Daughter Is Bullied For Not Having A Father

Farrah Abraham has been a single mom since the moment her daughter, Sophia, was born. Her story tugged at the heartstrings of 16 & Pregnant viewers, which enabled her to be cast on the Teen Mom spin-off. It has been nine years since Abraham’s life changed. She has been raising Sophia with the help of her mother and father, though most recently, she has been doing the bulk of parenting on her own.

The story behind Farrah Abraham being a single parent is a tragic one. Fans of Teen Mom OG know what happened while she was pregnant with Sophia. Derek Underwood was killed in a car crash December 28, 2008. His passing was completely unexpected. Abraham was thrown into a brand new life on her own, yet she managed to take it all in stride. Farrah and Sophia have both talked about “Daddy Derek” while on the show, even taking the film crew to where he is buried. There were even a few Teen Mom OG episodes that featured Derek’s family with the Abraham girls.

Yesterday marked nine years since Farrah Abraham lost her partner, Derek Underwood. She has never known a life with him as a father to their daughter, something that she has a hard time dealing with. Sophia Abraham never got to know the man who fathered her, though her mom does make attempts for the little girl to know his family. According to In Touch Weekly, Farrah Abraham revealed that Sophia Abraham has been bullied for not having a father in her life. When she spoke about it, it was difficult for the mother to grasp how kids could be so cruel regarding something that was out of her daughter’s control. Derek passed away, he didn’t walk out on Farrah and Sophia.

In loving remembrance to Derek Underwood, 12/28/2008 father, son, nephew, cousin, friend and so much more December 28th comes every year when we review all of our love, great memories, share stories and know how special Derek was and how all the special and highly favored charisma passed on to Sophia. This past year Sophia was bullied for not having a father at her old public school, I thought why would any child not understand that’s out of ones control and no one would ask for that, in a world full of ignorance and wrong doing I’m happy to say my daughter knows her truth and has strength in that beyond the ignorance. This year I saw an employer long time production and my mother try to use my loss as their gain for heartache and to act as though they cared about my health and supported the struggles of the loss of Derek I go through, but for years they could not let it be at peace as nothing needs to be relived and this year of review has spoken for those who can not live life peacefully with you and support your growth and are not excited for your future and living better, happier, healthier are no longer welcome. Don’t ever manipulate or take advantage of a mother or child as they go through loss & challenges it’s disgustingly evil. Thank you Daddy Derek for always watching over us and this year we’re at peace and happy with the loving support of family who live by this and we’re in loving spirits on our Hong Kong trip as Derek would love the heights & the water of Hong Kong island as he did of his rock queries. With Love, Farrah & Sophia for those who want peace, life, love, happiness and a new chapter #Strength #wellness #peace #happy #rip #love #loss #live

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A lot has happened since the loss of Derek Underwood. Farrah Abraham has been dragged through the mud in headlines while also making questionable choices in her life. Sophia Abraham has also been talked about, with some of the commentary being quite harsh. Abraham has been protective of Sophia since birth because of the loss of her father. As she grows up, there are still more questions about who Derek was and details about his relationship with her mom.

Sophia Abraham being bullied by children for not having a father has really bothered Farrah Abraham. She shared an Instagram post to remember the loss and in it, she took a shot at her mother and Teen Mom OG executives for exploiting her grief. Whether or not Abraham is popular in the public eye is irrelevant when it comes to a child hurting over something out of her control.