‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Rain Brown Bashed For New Year Workout Resolution, Fans Find Her Pull-Ups Awkward

Alaskan Bush People star, Rain Brown, recently updated her social media account with a short video of her workout to get fit. The youngest of the Brown siblings aims to be healthier and fit, and this seems to be one of her New Year’s resolutions for 2018.

However, although she posted her goal with a show of great determination, a lot of fans were not impressed, In Touch Weekly reported. Rather, the Alaskan Bush People reality artist was slammed for the workout video she shared on Instagram because many find it very lacking.

The clip that showed Rain Brown doing pull-ups drew negative feedback despite her efforts to demonstrate how she was going to achieve her “get fit and healthy” New Year resolution. Fans mostly criticized her workout form, saying that her exercise routine could not even be called complete pull-ups.

Most probably, Rain Brown has been slammed as people feel she did not do the exercise correctly. Plus, fans may have felt that the caption of her video does not apply at all to the workout form she just exhibited.

“Nine months ago I couldn’t even do a half of a pull-up and now I can do 14 I’m so proud of myself and how far I have come,” she wrote.

In reaction, one of her Instagram followers commented that she needs to stretch her arms so it can be counted as a pull-up while another one said that her workout was only half of a pull-up. The harshest comment belittled the youngest Alaskan Bush People family member’s efforts and included an instruction on how she should do it.

“Really? You are having a hard time doing just four and those are not even complete pull-ups. You have to extend all the way down and pull yourself back up,” the commenter said.

But then again, there were also others who praised Rain Brown for her “amazing accomplishment” and they cheered her on, as a gesture of support, for her decision to lead a healthier lifestyle. In any case, aside from the workout, she is also promoting healthy eating by posting photos of what she eats, complete with recipes.

Nonetheless, one of the reasons why the teenager is trying to look out for her health and fitness now may possibly be connected to her battle with depression. As Fox News reported in October, Rain Brown opened up about her struggle with the said mental condition and she wants to get better.

Meanwhile, this is the second time that Alaskan Bush People star was on the headline during the holidays. Just before Christmas, Rain Brown was being talked about after publicly discussing her sexuality. As per Radar Online, this issue arose when a fan directly asked her if she is gay via social media.

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